Markus Rothkranz on “Parasites”

There is a lot of information flying around about parasites, and some of it is pretty scary. Because of this, he decided to provide a safe – neutral perspective on the matter, without all the hype. Whether the next massive viral outbreak is man-made or naturally occurring, there has been something out to kill man since they first began to walk the planet.

Just like with any other situation, nature has always focused on survival of the healthiest and the fittest. As a matter of truth, the weak die; and that goes for the population of any species. If you are already eating processed foods, meat products, and food that has been genetically altered, you are already on the list of the weak to begin with.

You may be wondering why you are already on the list. Well, by eating these foods, you are ingesting bacterium, viruses, molds, fungus, yeast, and parasites. All of these problems have been around since people learned to process food. That probably makes you wonder whether that warm comfort food is really worth the life-long price you are paying.

Parasites are part of life and we must live together peacefully. The food you eat determines who is in control, – you or them.

By eating a raw vegan diet, you are limiting the number of parasites that enter your body. You are also ensuring that the parasites that do make it into your body do not have the power to gain control over you.

No matter what your choice of diet, you should take the time to do a parasite cleanse once or twice per year. If you choose to eat a diet rich in meats, you should cleanse at least twice per year because they carry more parasites, and the ones they carry can be more dangerous.

There are countless herbs and herb mixtures that can be created to rid the body of parasites. It is not recommended to use a prepared mixture because it is full of unnecessary chemicals and man-made products.

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