McGalla Helps Women Find Top Jobs

Diversity in the workforce leads to more ideas and more creativity, which helps businesses succeed. Workplaces that have gender diversity are 15% more likely to outperform their non diverse counterparts. Those workplaces with racial diversity are 35% more likely to outperform, but why? Diversity lends to more ideas. Even with statistics that show these ideas work, only a very small amount of middle management positions are held by women.

Susan McGalla is a leader in the business world who has helped to pave the way for women. McGalla credits her upbringing to helping her feel comfortable in a man’s world. She was raised with two brothers and a football coach for a father, so they did not cut her any breaks. She has used this in her life to help her get the positions she wanted.

At American Eagle Outfitters, she worked her way to the top, when the only executives were men at the time. Before she left there, she was the President of the company. After leaving she founded P3 Executive consulting and is the Vice President of Business Strategy for the Pittsburg Steelers. In an industry that is led by men, McGalla has set an example for women desiring to break the glass ceiling.

Women, like McGalla have worked hard over the years to make a change in the business world. They have made support groups and leadership initiatives to help women succeed in this difficult field, but they still face the same issues. Until the root problem is solved, women will still face issues. They have not addressed the underlying issues. Men hold a number of positions and women struggle to obtain them.

Executive sponsorship could help open doors. Women should find a top executive to help them find opportunities for getting a top position. Susan McGalla works tirelessly to help further her career and create opportunities for other women.

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