Milan Kordestani Invests In Farming

Milan Kordestani established Milan Farm during his high school sophomore year. The aim of his investment company is to focus on the production of eggs, poultry, and saffron. Under his name, he has been recognized as the first farmer to produce saffron spice using the hydroponic system on microfiber sponges.

The company was established in 2015 where he started his journey by creating an organic system and humane to raise the poultry. The production of pure saffron is 100% organic. The farm is offering mint, free range/organic eggs, and saffron. Their aim is to be able to provide honesty to their customers. They have transparency in whatever they do especially when raising the animals as well as doing only organic production to their plants. The company has its own believes that when a consumer wants something pure and honest, they are already available without hiding anything about how they were raised. It is by this model that Milan farm has been operating with.

The farm’s logo and the brand became a trademark company since 2006 and it has managed to expand to three more farms that have been distributing the eggs and saffron in Colorado and across the world. Milan also has the traditional recognition of cultivation and production of the saffron but they also have another belief of being innovative. This is what has been making the company use drip irrigation, and in addition to that, it has used aquaponics and hydroponics systems when producing saffron. They have been able to achieve success in both but they are still doing some experiments with a different variety of salinity and minerals in water so that they can ensure they have perfected their crop.

Milan Kordestani was born in California at a place called Stanford. He started by attending Phillips Brooks Elementary School. Later they moved to London after the parents divorced. he graduated from high school in 2017 after attending Sacred Heart Preparatory located in Atherton. He has been having interests in riding horses since he was a young boy. He started riding horses when he was 10 years of age. In the riding horse sport, he has achieved its major goals within a short time.

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