Nathaniel Ru and His Innovative Marketing Technique

There is only one thing to do when the odds are stacked against you. There is a need for you to come out swinging. That is what Nathaniel Ru did when he hit the scene. He had to know that there were tons of fast food establishments that would prove to be quite successful because these places sold the opposite of healthy food. Nathaniel Ru would naturally find it hard to compete with these companies if he simply opened a restaurant and assumed that people would show up.


Nathaniel Ru knew that it was all about successfully marketing this company to the mainstream. He made a decision to show people that there was a need for them to try restaurants like Sweetgreen. He was turning things up a couple of levels beyond what a new restaurant would typically do. There was this whole element of having a farmer involved in the process of getting the food to the consumer. This was very important. People had to know that there was a process that was different than what they were used to doing.


The people in this festival are abstract artists, but they have attracted an interesting crowd. Nathaniel Ru has been a real leader when it comes to healthy food, and there is a reason for that. He has self-appointed himself because there was no other fast food restaurant that was doing this on a massive scale. The closest thing that people got to low calorie fast food was Subway. After Jared, the Subway weight loss poster man, went to prison it was difficult for this company to show up as a healthy food leader. That is why Nathaniel Ru has been able to penetrate the market with such a strong presence. He has been able to market to the people that may have overlooked his restaurant in the past.


It has also worked quite well to his advantage to have news coverage about the large amount of obesity rates that are plaguing Americans. It is like Nathaniel Ru has come to the rescue as the knight in shining armor with healthy food. He is the person that has been able to market at just the right time.



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  1. What Nathaniel Ru has been able to do is push Sweetgreen to a larger crowd by incorporating things like a Sweetgreen Music Festival. Right away, the millennials were sold on this concept. That is definitley the brightesr thing has done for the team and I know it’s going to pay off so well.

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