NGP VAN and Digital 8

Digital 8 is a highly effective product that was recently put out by tech company NGP VAN to assist those running Democratic campaigns. In a nutshell, Digital 8 can help pretty much any user raise money for their campaign or organization through an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that synchronizes with email and social media.

NGP Van is a tech company that is progressive, cutting-edge and relentless in its efforts to help its clients raise money for their causes. With their products and advice, they have helped numerous nonprofits, labor unions, political campaigns and other entities. NGP Van has offices in both Boston and Washington D.C., and its staff are passionate about what they do and making the world a better place through running successful progressive campaigns.

In regard to Digital 8, this product makes sending out targeted email a breeze and has some of the very highest inbox placements anywhere. This is a fantastic tool for getting your emails where you need them quickly and easily. Digital 8 also allows users to create their own attractive and useful volunteer pages, websites and much more. Forms can be customized and publishing on mobile platforms is no problem.

Starting with an email address, Digital 8 can find related social media sites in order to help spread the word about events and drives all across a user’s online presence. Integration is the name of the game when it comes to using social media as effectively as possible, and Digital 8 delivers. When it comes to quantifiable measurement of progress, Digital 8 offers a number of features to produce useful and visually appealing reports fast.

Whether the campaign is for city council or for the governor’s office, Digital 8 is a tool that any organization can make good use of quickly, and the learning curve isn’t high when it comes to getting familiar with this software. Furthermore, Digital 8 is fully compatible with most legacy technology and websites.

Read about their business model here:

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