NuoDB: The Cloud Technology Game Changer

NuoDB was established in 2008 during which it was operating as NimbusDB. The brain behind the company is mainly Barry Morris who has since been the company’s CEO. His partner Jim Starkey is also well versed with technological advancements.

The main goal behind NuoDB was to create a trustworthy SQL database management systemthat enhanced the efficiency and productivity of the cloud system of computing. NuoDB has succeeded in providing the safest data management systems by passing all SQL required tests to the point of being named the new SQL.

NuoDB maintains the old SQL structure but adds to it features that boost performance for cloud systems and application. It allows programs to ‘talk’ using the SQL ‘language’ with added ACDI features to enhance communication efficiency hence better performance. NuoDB has three levels including managerial, transactional, and storing levels which enable it to allow applications especially cloud applications to run with intermixing the applications data and cache on its hard disk.

NuoDB breaks down an application’s data into ‘atoms’ which are easily stored in it’s hard disk. The database is also as equipped with multi-version concurrency systems which check an application’s data for any problems and solve them for easy access.

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