OSI Group Acquires Flagship Europe

OSI Group is the 39th largest food processing company in the United States, although it’s still a privately held company. It operates over 60 plants in sixteen countries in North America, Europe and Asia.

It’s recently been exanding operations. Last year it bought Baho Food, a making of deli meats and snack foods in The Netherlands and the Tyson Food Plant on Chicago’s South Side.

Recently OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe, a company operating in the United Kingdom. They were owned by the Flagship Food Group of Denver Colorado. They provide frozen poultry and Oliver James pies. Also, Flagship Europe themselves recently acquired Calder Foods. By also getting Calder Foods, OSI Industries is also getting dressings, sauces, sandwich fillings, dips, marinades and mayonnaise.

David McDonald, Chief Operating Officer of OSI said earlier they wanted to broaden their business Europe. He said that when they acquired Baho Food of the Netherlands. And he said it again when acquiring Flagship Europe.

Flagship Europe’s Chief Executive Russell Maddock said the new ownership would his company greater resources. They would gain access to more markets and more clients. Flagship Europe is based in Hampshire, the U.K.

Thanks in part to its highly targeted, aggressive acquisition strategy, OSI Group is now the 39th largest food company in the United States. This is true even though it is a privately held company, not one that’s publicly traded.

According to Forbes, OSI Group makes $6.1 annually. Also according to Forbest it is the 68th largest private company in the country.

An immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky started the business in 1909 in Oak Park Illinois as the Otto Kolschosky Meat Market. In 1928, he renamed it Otto and Sons. They continued to supply high quality meat.

In 1955, a new type of restaurant named McDonald’s opened up in nearby Des Plaines Illinois. Ray Kroc chose Otto and Sons to supply those early hamburger patties.


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