OSI Group Is Given An Outstanding Workplace Safety Award

The Globe of Honour is an award given by the British government’s chief workplace safety enforcement agency, the British Safety Council and it’s given to companies who have gone above and beyond expectations to keep their facilities safe. The most recent recipient of this award was OSI Group in 2016. OSI Group runs meat processing plants, some of the more dangerous places to work due to often using sharp cutting tools and burning certain fuel for heating and refrigeration. But the company has had among the fewest reported accidents and has invested in more green technology. OSI’s executives were proud to receive the award and pledged to continue their commitment to safety not only in the UK but around the world.

OSI Group is not only one of the world’s largest meat processing and shipping companies, it’s also one of the oldest with a history that dates back to 1909. It was in that year that German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky who moved to Chicago decided to run a butcher shop business. The business stayed in his family for more than 60 years, and it was the first to become an official partner of McDonald’s restaurants under the name Otto & Sons. It was eventually sold to a former investment banker named Sheldon Lavin, and he and his partner David McDonald renamed Otto & Sons to OSI Group and began its worldwide growth phase. Today OSI Group runs in the USA, Canada and 15 other countries and has over 50 operating plants. The company ranks 10th in largest meat companies behind others like Perdue and Tyson Foods.

OSI Group has both made-to-order meat entrees and raw meats that are sold to supermarkets. But they also have added more baked items, vegetable specialties, fruits and other side snacks to their overall inventory. McDonald’s has been the longest running partner of OSI Group, but they’ve also had meats supplied to Subway restaurants, Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, Starbucks and KFC. Other joint ventures and subsidiaries OSI has started over the years include Select Ready Foods, OSI Europe, OSI China, K&K Foods, Fair Oaks Farms and GenOSI. They have been ranked among some of the best companies to work for not only because they’ve offered good compensation, but also for having an open door between upper management and lower management. Their executives say that they don’t tend to think of themselves as a corporation run at the top as much as a large team that works together.

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