George Street Photo and Video Will Enhance Your Wedding

Someone at George Street Photo and Video NYC can help you to plan the wedding of your dreams. You can have a fairy-tale wedding without overspending or breaking your bank. Professionals will offer you top-notch services, and they will allow you to choose from a vast assortment of packages. Know more about George Street Photo and Video Address.

Most likely, one of them will fit your budget. The first step toward finding the right person to take your videos and photos is to contact the firm. You will go through a series of assessments, and you will have the opportunity to talk to someone about the specific needs that you have for your wedding. You’ll discuss the theme that you want and the venue that you want your pictures taken by. You’ll talk about the photographic style options that you can use, and you’ll have a chance to look at a portfolio. Get ready and contact a facility ASAP.

Jose Henrique Borghi Carefully Comes up with the Best Plans for Advertising

For people that want to advertise, it is important to have a plan. There is more to advertising than just putting together an ad that is going to capture attention. One must take the time to come up with a plan that is going to attract some of the target audience so that the client will be able to get the most conversions. One of the most important aspects of the plan is knowing where the target audience and when they will be there. The most important thing to do is reach as many people as possible so that they will be able to profit.

In order to manage this, one needs the help of an advertiser. One example of an advertising company is Mullen Lowe. One of the top advertisers is Jose Henrique Borghi. He is someone who has taken an interest in advertising to the point that he has studied about everything that goes into advertising which includes the timing. He knows all of the mechanics of a successful ad campaign. At the same time, he also understands that there is a lot of room for creativity. One of the best ways to profit is through the representation of the individual company. Click here to know more.

Jose Borghi is especially willing to pay close attention to all of the aspects of a company that he is advertising for so that he will be able to capture the essence of the company in his ad campaign. He will use the music, style, and visuals of the ad campaign in order to make sure that the ad is a great representative of the company. Also, it has to bring in the people that are interested in buying or trying out anything of the company that has been advertised to them. There is a lot that has to go into the advertising of the company.

Doctor Jeanmarie Guenot’s Current Exploits: Consequences of Past Impeccable Attainments

JeanMarie Guenot has been replicating the qualities everybody knows about her since joining Amphivena Therapeutics as CEO and President. It came as no surprise because she has a solid foundation. Guenot together with her team in Amphivena is helping to curb the spread of cancer, and hopefully, eradicate it altogether in the nearest future.

Statistics about cancer cases is not encouraging with 19 million people expected to be diagnosed with it by the year 2024. Amphivena Therapeutics under the leadership of JeanMarie Guenot is leaving no stone unturned by joining forces with multiple alliances so as to bring together massive resources and know-how in the fight against this horrible disease.

On the 10th of August, 2016, it was in the news that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved an investigational new drug application for AMV564, the Amphivena Therapeutics’ proprietary antibody. AMV564 is a bispecific antibody that makes use of T-cells in getting rid of cancer cells with CD33. CD33 is a particular receptor commonly found in most cases of AMLs, which is also expressed on other hematological malignancies.

Also, on the 7th of April, 2015, according to, Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. made public some milestones achievement under the terms of agreement between Janssen Biotech, Inc and itself. Janssen and Amphivena, in furtherance of development in hematologic malignancies, selected a clinical candidate against an unnamed tumor antigen. The milestones came with financial benefits for Amphivena.

Guenot’s wealth of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry started with Atlas Venture while she was managing its venture capital investments. She also spent time working as a scientist with the Preclinical Research and Development arm of Hoffman LaRoache. Hoffman LaRoache is a company that focuses on dry AMD together with sustained release ocular drug delivery technologies for macular degeneration, ocular inflammation and glaucoma. Today, she is in a firm that develops cancer immunotherapies.

JeanMarie Guenot holds a PhD and MBA from the University of California, San Francisco and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Yonni Hufnagel

The journey of Yonni Hufnagel journey is anything short of greatness. He has served as the assistant head coach for Nevada Wolf Pack, California Golden Bears, and the Vanderbilt Commodores. Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, and Dartmouth are many of the schools that make up the Ivy League college & universities. However, Yonni Hufnagel put Harvard University on the map in a totally different way. As he lives what many may call the dream life in his mid 30’s the Crimson’s has a new found new success in it’s assistant basketball coach at Harvard University. What makes this young man such a great asset to the Harvard franchise no the many franchises in which he served on is his ability to enlist and enroll key players. In order to be a great assistant coach one must first learn the art of recognizing and seeking phenomenal talent. With the many teams and wining records one can only wonder how far his success will go. Being relentless and having that tenacious mindset to win are only some of the key principles to Yonni’s success.


Early in his career he knew he wanted to go to some heavy hitter schools such as Harvard but was extremely nervous thinking that he would not be able to get the job or fit in there. However, as fate would have it he got hired to the basketball team and immediately took the road running in recruitment and the rest is history. With a lot of hard work and summers spent in a gym with players he knew that his hard work was working as he seen daily progress. This mega assistant experience speaks for itself. Now as the assistant coach in Nevada under Eric Musselman the sky is the limit for Yonni. Knowing where he ends up next will be another strategic move that comes natural to him.




Why White Shark Media Guarantees High Conversion Rates and Huge Sales through AdWords

To thousands of small business struggling to make a kill through effective Google AdWords advertising strategies, White Shark Media comes as the proverbial pie out of the sky. Equipped with impressive and affordable services whose cornerstone is reliability, timeliness and high conversion rate, this vibrant digital marketing agency has established itself as a giant in managing Adwords advertising campaigns on Google.



By employing innovative and time bound marketing techniques that are hard to duplicate elsewhere, White Shark Media partners with hand-picked agencies offering premier returns on the dollar leading to millions in revenue and profits. Every other business that has contracted this agency has provided great feedback and reviews that speak volumes about efficiency, high-quality communication, and huge sales.



As a trendsetter and trailblazer in the unpredictable jungle of internet marketing, White Shark Media guarantees reliable leads and assured conversion rates. Importantly, this company gives many small businesses a push and shove over the brow of advertising uncertainties by eliminating the stresses and anxieties associated with proper and effective management of successful advertising on Google.



This media establishment has a reputation for throwing in goodies such as free assessment of your Google advertising strategies, as an appetizer, if you are a startup. The agency also offers premier partnerships with players who meet the high eligibility and training standards stipulated by Google. The customer tailored advertising management strategies and solutions that it provides are a godsend to startup business, and are run by a team of highly skilled staff who meet both external and internal certification criteria. Its services are also bolstered by a no-nonsense team of specialists who offer a risk-free assessment.



Why look for your advertising and marketing solutions elsewhere? Here is where you can be assured of cost-effectiveness in Search Engine Marketing backed by a suite of dependable tools for marketing and a first class client experience that guarantees consistent vertical growth for thousands of small businesses.





Dr. Walden’s Most Recommended Procedures

Dr. Walden is the definition of a successful and talent cosmetic surgeon who truly does deliver on her promises. She strives to deliver the best results for her clientele. She provides her clients with reliable and safe cosmetic procedures that deliver a life changing new look for them. She was recently interviewed to help people learn about turning back time to getting their young youthful look back. She addressed her concerns about what you should do and how to go about doing it.


She spoke briefly about Botox treatment and why they are so great. Dr. Walden recommends getting them once you realized you’ve hit the sun for too long and you just want the youthful pull once again. It’s about creating that elasticity and making it last longer. Dr. Walden is by far one of the best in the industry, and she can provide you with the best Botox treatment out there.


Her other recommendation is a facelift if you want that extra pull. They can help correct things like mid face sagging, jowls due to losing muscle tone, sagging areas of fat, loose skin, deep creases right under the eye, and additional sagging fat under the shin and jaw. A facelift is going to pull the skin together and create that youthful look once again. It’s the best way to get an all-around pull for the face.


Dr. Walden is definitely one of the best surgeons in the industry. She has changed the way people do business in all sorts of ways. She spent years and years of her life getting her education and studying both Biology and Medicine, and she quickly took to her training for becoming a plastic surgeon. Eventually she became part of the Board and received all of her certification to ensure that clientele succeed. She is the right person to speak to if you would like to get a procedure done by somebody of excellence in this field.


How Fashion and Technology relate to each other

Fashion is a significant part of people’s lives; everyone tends to go for the latest fashion. On the other hand, there is technology that is advancing each day. For the technology to keep growing it needs fashion to become fashionable while fashion also needs technology so as to be technologically fashionable. The constant thing between them is that they both grow together to adapt to changes in both industries.

Taking a look in the early 70s, users had the excitement of carrying boom boxes with and using them for listening radio stations and their favorite music. They used two cassette decks to listen and record music at the same time, but with time, music advanced. In the 90s, with the introduction of personal music experience in a Walkman, it was easier, and in the latest decades, we are using technology such as phones and iPod music, which has become more fashionable.


In the current times, we are using technology in making fashion happen. Fashion designers are delighted to create what delivers and satisfies the needs of their clients, and this is made possible by technology. One Anouk Wipprecht once said that technology is like a playground; the more one goes deeper into the experience with fashion and its systems, the rewards are endless. Technology and style have to continue working together to give a well protected, beautiful, and creative place to live in.

Christopher Burch has 40 years of career experience as an entrepreneur and investor. He is the CEO and Founder of Burch Creative Capital. The company has a lying philosophy in investment, which has been made possible by the vision and entrepreneurial values of Burch. Christopher Burch has played a big role to see more than 50 companies come to the rise.

Creative Capital has supported various consumer brands and several lifestyle products. Christopher Burch has built a track record by connecting the innovation to impact by combining direct and internal sourcing experience with intuitive understandings from the consumer.




Sheryl Underwood Inspires Others to Try


Actress, TV personnel and comedian Sheryl Underwood has had much to say about the highly acclaimed Dherbs Detox program that has rapidly been gaining popularity lately. She was featured on The Steve Harvey Radio morning talk show to share her experience with the program and had much positive things to say.


“I like to thank everybody on the Steve Harvey Morning Show for introducing me to Da Herbs.” Sheryl stated, jokingly referring to the program as “Da Herbs”.

“I started on Sunday, I’ve been working out with my trainer. I’ve been eating better and I’ve been on the Dherbs Detox. And I’ve already lost 5 pounds.” Sheryl shared with the hosts of the radio show.


She had also been drinking more water, meditating and praying.


Sheryl goes on to mention that she was looking forward to an event that was honoring her at the Crown Plaza Royal Hotel in Los Angeles that could potentially test her ability to stick to the detox. However, she goes on to say that she would remain on the detox and make a toast to Dherbs.


Sheryl Underwood is not the only celebrity who loves the lifestyle. The product has also been endorsed by Steve Harvey and his wife.


The Dherbs Detox program can be purchased directly from It is a daily supplement that is used with a modified vegan diet as outlined in the instruction manual upon purchase.


Benefits include but are not limited to cleaner bowls, sharper mental focus, clearer skin, improved blood circulation and of course, weight loss. The program lasts for 21 days but can be safely be used for a longer period if the body is especially toxic.


More health promoting products can be found on Their product line includes all natural health supplements, pet care products, weight loss supplements and more.

The Accomplishments of Jason Halpern’s Real Estate Development Firm

Jason Halpern: Property Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is a successful real estate developer who has developed several buildings that are recognized as landmarks. He is currently based in Brooklyn and owns a company that is known as JMH Development. Halpern has been working in the industry for more than 20 years and has accomplished a lot. He kicked off his profession by serving Halpern Enterprises in the 1990s. His construction firm has completed several significant buildings in Miami, Westchester County, New York City, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. JMH Development has participated in projects that are valued at over $500 million for the past years. Aloft South Beach is one of the top buildings that the company has developed. The Miami-based hotel is very magnificent, and it has more than 200 modern rooms. The JMH Development joined efforts with Madden Real Estate Ventures to complete the building.

Jason : Active in Crunchbase Production

Mr. Halpern also developed top notch condos by transforming a Wild Turkey Bourbon warehouse. His real estate development firm worked together with Kushner Companies and Rockpoint Group to establish the building. They companies converted the store into a modern rental block that comprised of more than 338 top notch apartments that were completed in 2010. JMH Development also acquired Brooklyn Heights Cinema and reconstructed it into luxury condos. It completed the project with help from Madison Estate. Jason’s firm also built a state-of-the-art hotel that is located at the Long Island City.

Jason with Model Milana and Richard

Jason has excellent knowledge of the real estate sector since he comes from a family that owned a development company. Halpern Enterprises was created by his father, and he worked for it until when he founded JMH Development in the 1990s. He has gained sufficient experience in the sector and understands the needs of various markets. Halpern has managed to accomplish a lot due to the passion that he has for his career. He also associates well with the people of different communities that his company serves.

Family Life of Jason

Apart from real estate development undertakings, Jason Halpern has been participating in charity activities that are beneficial to the community. He is among the leading benefactors of the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. The medical facility is located at the Westchester Medical Center, and it is a Level 1 Trauma Institution. It is well equipped with modern diagnosis machines that assist its doctors in handling different emergency cases. The key areas that the hospital has majored in include the treatment of internal injuries, broken limbs, and expectant women. It also carries outs surgical procedures such as orthopedic surgery, open heart surgery, and neurosurgery. JMH Development is also involved in philanthropy. It has been offering funds to ensure that people in various parts of Nepal and Egpyt receive clean water. The company works with water-based nonprofit organizations to ensure that the project is successful.

Entrepreneur Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier has founded and co-founded many different things. He is an entrepreneur, in which he is known for being the most leading and successful in government and enterprise technology. Eric is also an author, columnist, public speaker, philanthropist, and has founded more than 15 companies. Eric has raised a lot of money for these ventures. In fact, he has raised millions of dollars.


A few of the ventures that he has founded or co founded include Digital Evolution and Media Platform. He has also invested in venue capital funds and charitable organizations. Just recently, Eric Pulier also invested in a new firm in alliance with some of the most notable names out there in the industry. He also invests in seed level startups in media as well as technology. A majority of them have gone on to be successful.


Touching base on Philanthropy, Eric Pulier is very active in the philanthropy community. He participates in endeavors that are set to help solve problems with physically impaired children all over the world. When he was younger, he created an educational program to help teach people about Multiple Sclerosis so that they can be educated on the disease.


In 1984, Eric Pulier graduated from Teaneck High School. After he graduated from there, he attended Harvard University for his BA degree. He graduated with honors, Magna Cum Laude, from Harvard in 1988. Pulier studied English & American Literature, Computer Science, Visual & Environmental Studies.


Pulier also became the author of a weekly column which is called PulierLeg. He was also an editor for the weekly column Harvard Crimson. Eric is also the author of Understanding Enterprise SOA which was published in 2005. The co-author is Hugh Taylor. The book is full of information but really want people to think about technology differently. Conclusions are drawn from real experiences of actual companies in different industries.


Another publication is The Enterprise Industrial Complex, which was published in 2012. Its purpose is to help companies that seek to thrive during economic downturns. In the recent years, buyers and vendors suffered in recent decades. These were a group of powerful buyers and vendors.