Learning About Kabbalah Centers

Kabbalah Centers are locations devoted to eduction and spiritual advancement based on Kabbalistic teachings. Though the roots of this unique spirituality are supposedly rooted in ancient texts the modern interpretation of Kabbalah has existed since 1922. This is when religous scholar and Kabbalah founder, Rav Yehuda Ashlag, compeleted his first translation of the related spiritual texts. His goals was to translate them from the ancient dialect of Aramaic into modern Hebrew, making them accesible to any man or woman of the Jewish faith.

This is because the main teachings behind Kabbalistic thought are found in a book called the Zohar. The Zohar in turn is a section of the Torah. This is the primary holy text of Judaism and several sections of the Torah are also included in the Christian Old Testament. Because the Zohar was written in the obscure language of Aramaic it was only decipherable to a select number of Jewish scholars and religious leaders. Modern Kabbalah centers claim that the teachings of the Zohar are entirely non-denominational and can thus be adopted and adapted by members of any religion or life style.

They believe Kabbalistic teaching can act as a guide and gateway, providing followers with a greater understanding of creation, the universe, and their roles as individuals. The desired result is persistent, life long sense of happiness and fulfillment stemming from the knowledge of one’s place in the universe. Kabbalah has been slowly growing in popularity acceptance. There are currently established Kabbalah Centers in urban areas throughout the world. Along with religious education these centers also engage in community building and charitable initiatives, encouraging their members to do the same. This is because followers of Kabbalah believe in the unity of human beings rather than their separation.

They teach that human ego and obsession with self are the root of most people’s unhappiness. To learn more consider searching online and contacting a Kabbalah Center in your area. These locations focus on education and instruction and can provide a wide range of support material upon request. There are also websites and online resources available.

OSI Industries Offers Promising Careers

OSI Industries prides itself on exercising progressive hiring tactics. This is because the company has grown into an international organization over many decades. The executives at OSI Industries understand that great ideas come in many forms. They must remain constantly aware of the changing climate in relation to consumer needs. There are recruiting locations in the Asia-Pacific, the Americas, Poland, Hungary and the UK. Diverse hiring procedures are essential to building a team that can adjust to the various needs of all business markets. Prospects are thoroughly screened in order to ensure that they meet the integrity demands required by OSI Industries.

OSI Group was founded in the early 1900s by a German immigrant. It began as a family-owned business in the Illinois area and soon blossomed into a regional meat supplier for other established food industry organizations. By the 1950s OSI Industries was thriving in Chicago Illinois. They were discovered by Ray Kroc who was looking to move his McDonald’s franchise into that particular region. OSI’s relationship with McDonald’s would set the standard for what the company eventually became. It was known as Otto and Sons at the time. Otto Kolshowsky had handed the business off to his sons by the 1950’s. They introduced many innovations that would set them apart in meat manufacturing. Eventually Otto and Sons became McDonald’s exclusive meat supplier.

OSI Industries continued to grow on an international level. It was ranked the 58th largest privately owned company in the United States by Forbes Magazine in 2016. Company won the Globe of Honor Award. It was issued by the British Safety Council which recognizes businesses that put safety regulation as a top priority throughout its organization. The award reflected the careful manner in which OSI Industries has spread its influence throughout the world.

OSI Industries acquired two companies in Europe. Baho Foods and Flagship Group were both brought into the OSI platform to help the company gain a larger presence in the European region. Team members from each company welcomed the merger and were encouraged to join the OSI executive staff. They will assist OSI Industries with settling into a new market.

Fun Beauty Products From Lime Crime

Make up should always be a fun way to express yourself. You can pick from many colors and have a different look for every day of the week. Sometimes, going away from the natural and adventuring with your look can be fun. Lime Crime provides the bold and outrageously fun colors to make that possible.


This brand offers fun and bold colors to let you express your wild and crazy side to its fullest. You can find products such as eye shadow, lipstick, hair colors, and pop on nails to make your perfect look possible. All of the products offered on the website are vegan and cruelty free so you don’t have any guilt while using them.


Lime Crime is always working on coming out with new colors and combinations to keep things fun and interesting. You can find colors such as hot pinks, bold blues, and deep greens to spice up your look. The Unicorn Hair products have temporary colors so you can try it out for a bit before committing. They can also be mixed to create your own color!


You can find fun bundles and sales on the site as well. Sales change so you may find a favorite on sale the next time you visit. The company also has special products that they donate a portion of the sale to an organization or rescue. The prices of these quality products is a little high, however you can feel great about the products you are using.


Lime Crime has the perfect make up products and hair coloring to make your look stand out. They have fun, bright colors that you can mix and match to continuously make new looks. They keep coming out with new products and colors to keep things interesting too. You won’t be  disappointed with the large variety of fun items they offer! http://www.ilovelimecrime.com/

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto: Getting Reliable Legal Advice

Looking for quality advice or legal representation in Brazil? When deciding to hire a lawyer to resolve your business or personal legal matter, it is extremely important to evaluate all your options. It is crucial to look for an attorney that has a high success rate in representing clients.Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been meeting the needs of companies and individual clients and is regarded as one of the most powerful litigators in Brazil. Backed by trusted reputations, Ricardo Tosto is equipped to handle a vast array of issues that businesses and individuals face, including those involving contract breach and dispute, shareholder issues and many others.There are many resources that can help you find a qualified law group or lawyer.

You can start by getting recommendations from people you trust, such as friends and relatives. Reliable sites like lawyers directories and Bar Associations are also reputable resources with information about lawyers and law firms.When you hire a lawyer, you will want a lawyer who is accessible, and that keeps you updated on the progress of the case. Avoid a law firm where most of the legal tasks will be handled by a paralegal.Before deciding to hire any lawyer be sure to check out their profiles. Not all lawyers will be suitable for the type of case you’re dealing with. Do your home work and review lawyers’ profiles and then decide on the best one for your case.

Your attorney should be trustworthy and professional.Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is reputable and experienced in the laws that affect businesses and corporations.Ricardo Tosto advises clients on their options when seeking resolution to their legal problems. Ricardo Tosto can also advise and guide clients on matters related to breach of contract, compliance, transactional law and others issues that affect companies and organizations in today’s business environment.Ricardo Tosto also renders services in the areas of business formation and company legal structure, and he assists entrepreneurs and establishments in forming a limited liability company or incorporation, depending on what they choose.

Why is UKV PLC considered to be a Top Vintner? Continue Reading To Find Out

UK Vintner is a wine merchant that understands their client base has their own preferences and wants in pertinence to high quality products of wine. Unfortunately, many vintners are not necessarily offering high qualities of wine products for their client bases. As a result, those very vintners are receiving complaints in many different forms. Not only that, they are producing a lot of disappointed customers who are left with nothing but low qualities of champagne either drink or sell off to possibly lose more money than they had initially invested in them.

UKV PLC offers wine products for its customer base in which each customer is able to purchase wine that’s of high quality, as opposed to products that they may not necessarily favor, whether it be due to the tastes that they provide or resale values. Many people are not aware that wine products great investment asset. This is why many people who buy wine products want to ensure they are purchasing items that have value.

There are many factors that contribute to a wine’s value, some of which include the fermentation process they undergo. Fermentation is the process in which the sugars of the fruits that are contained in the product’s ingredients are naturally converted into alcohol. Such a process can take time, but under the right conditions and environment, it’s one that can truly make a wine product the quality of product that it is in its final stages. Be sure to take the time that’s necessary for you to learn about the particular wine product(s) that you’re planning to invest in. It could pay off for you, whether it be in the forms of tastes attained or the resale value it provides. UKV PLC strives to constantly improve their line of products by conducting adequate amounts of researching in their respective market.

About UKV PLC: ukvplc.com/About-Us

Tammy Mazzocco Spelling Excellence in Real Estate

Ohio real estate market is currently at its prime, with house prices going as high as $199, 950—more than 8% higher than last year. Besides, a national homebuilder has plans to construct about 240 housing units in New Albany in the coming year, a development that is predicted to contribute significantly to further upsurge in home value in the coming years.

Increased job opportunities, low costs of living, and great public school systems are some of the factors that are cited to be the unique selling points for Ohio’s real estate arena. Experts predict that these factors aren’t expected to change in the coming years, which is why Ohio is viewed by many homebuyers as a worthwhile investment for raising families in the long term.

Nonetheless, real estate market is quite tricky, and without partnering with a reputed real estate agent or advisor, things might not go as planned. Luckily for Ohio residents, Tammy Mazzocco is available to help. With over 2 decades’ experience in the Ohio real estate arena, Tammy Mazzocco has helped hundreds of Ohio homebuyers land their dream homes.

In a report by Philly Purge, throughout her career, Tammy Mazzocco has brushed shoulders with some of heavy weights in Ohio real estate industry and beyond, including Joe Armeni, a well-known RE/MAX producer for whom she worked as a personal assistant and whose real estate and property development business success motivated her into getting into full time practice as a real estate agent. She is a member of Judy Gang & Associates, and she is involved in selling of real estate in various counties in Central Ohio including Licking, Fairfield, Franklin and Delaware. While she has been inspired by several real estate leaders including Judy Gang, her success and determination to deliver only the best to her clients is a great inspiration in itself.

Click here: https://www.business.com/advice/member/p/tammy-mazzocco/

Westwood One

Norman Pattiz is the founder and chairman of Westwood One and Podcast One. He was featured in an exclusive article in the Forbes magazine in May 2016 as a celebrity with infused great hits, and also explained key elements in money making. President Clinton, in the year 2000 appointed this fine gentleman to manage the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America.

This board controlled major radio broadcasting stations such as Voice of America, Radio Liberty and much more which attracted over forty million followers. His impeccable work on the board led to his reappointment by President Bush to operate the same board during his reign as president.

Under Podcast One, Norman Pattiz, the Executive Chairman in collaboration with Edison Research VP of Tom Webster today conducted the first ever study on pre-campaign and post-campaign to boost podcast advertisers. This campaign was carried out in the last half of the year 2016 in three separate studies to examine the performance of podcast advertising for five brands. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/norman-pattiz#/entity

They used some well-known brands, launched new messaging, and least known brands with the aim of increasing awareness and trial. Before they ran the podcast advertising surveys, an online survey by audiences of leading brands was conducted. Four to six weeks were allocated for each of the five products with the same methodology in each.

The results were significantly positive. The report on the event was released on the 9th of February 2016 which included the outcome of the advertising tests with five original national consumer brands over five product and service categories. The main findings were;

  • More than 60% of the listeners pointed out a particular grocery brand in the post-campaign compared to the 7% in the pre-study.
  • Product awareness significantly increased from pre- study to post-study in different fields. 47% for financial services for the product, 37% for the automobile market and 24% for the lawn and garden products.
  • The post-study revealed that more than one-third of the respondents were favorable to the auto aftermarket product which was an increase from the 18% of the pre-study. 16% in the pre-study expressed they were likely to use the lawn and garden product, which went up to 22% in the post-study.
  • A message campaign for an automobile aftermarket product increased by 60% from pre to post-study and a 76% increase for a casual dining restaurant. All this brought about by awareness of the products.

The research results validate the approach in advertising and measurements used by Podcast One and Edison Research. For more information and details of the study visit: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/podcastone-chairman-norman-pattiz-announces-results-of-networks-brand-lift-studies-conducted-by-edison-research-300405404.html


Talos Energy Is Poised For Greatness In The Mexican Oil Industry

Oil as a fossil fuel plays a crucial role in our everyday lives. For over eight decades the oil industry in Mexico has been State-run making it very hard for foreigners to gain entry into this lucrative energy market. Recently, the country made a bold move of permitting foreigners to do business in the oil industry. As a result of this new development, several players have positioned themselves strategically to take advantage of the opportunity.

Some of the oil industry heavyweights that are ready to reap from the liberalization of the oil industry in Mexico include Talos Energy. Under a joint venture with Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas and Premier Oil Plc from London, Talos Energy premiered its operations in Mexico by drilling an offshore oil well on May 21.

The offshore well named Zama-1 is located in the Sureste Basin off Tabasco State. The well is projected to hold between 100 and 500 million barrels of crude oil. According to one of Talos’ partners, Premier Oil Plc, the drilling operations at Zama-1 are expected to take 90 days, and the exercise will cost $16 million. When Mexico decided to open her oil industry to other players, the three companies bid for the exploration rights and won the first round.

Talos Energy is one of the most acclaimed companies in the global oil and gas exploration industry. The firm was started by Tim Duncan and his partners after they acquired $600 million in equity. The enterprise has the capacity of producing over 16,000 barrels of oil daily and boasts of a workforce of 120 employees.

For a short time, Talos Energy has been in operation; it has acquired several feats that were initially a preserve for seasoned players in the sector. Workplace Dynamics ranked Talos as one of the best workplaces among SME’s. According to Tim Duncan, this achievement is as a result of proper workplace policies, real structures, and an enterprise culture. Some of Talos’ equity is held by its employees from the geoscientist to the office receptionist. This strategy bolsters the sense of ownership among the team players enabling the company to deliver as a unit.

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JHSF Redefining Luxury Apartments in Brazil

The current wave of real estate of estate development has seen lots of real estate development companies’ rise to the occasion and better their services. One company that seems to be making headlines with every new passing, for all the right reasons is JHSF. JHSF is redefining luxury in the Brazilian economy the best way possible.

The company founded in 1990 after splitting out of the major JHS after a disagreement in styles with his brother. Fábio Auriemo would later take charge of JHSF and concentrate its activities on the real estate market. Since then the company has been able to fiercely defend its number one position in the Brazilian economy. The aim core activities revolved around the acquisition of both commercial and residential real estate, development and management of high-end hotels, international airports and shopping malls.

The excellent record of accomplishment has seen JHSF venture into other markets other than Brazil. Currently, the company is in a host of companies that include Uruguay and USA with other multiple branches in other cities within the Brazilian economy. After stepping down from the leadership, Fabio passed down the mantle of leadership to his son who thanks for his keen interest in the industry is continuing with the progress of his father.

About José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer in the company in 2003 at the tender age of 27. Despite his young age, Jose had a keen understanding of the real estate thanks to the mentorship of his father and the passion he had for the industry. Arguably, Jose is entirely responsible for the creation of the service wing of the company after successfully creating a parking management company that was later adopted by the company known as Parkem. At this time, José Auriemo Neto as only 17 years old.

In addition to his experience, José Auriemo is also educated. Mr. Neto undertook his undergraduate studies at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University (FAAP). In addition to overseeing the overall operations of the company, Jose Neto is also responsible for managing the service aspect of the company.


Felipe Montoro Jens and his Unique Endeavors In Brazil

The finance world comprises several distinct fields and particular expertise in each. Many individuals from every corner of the world work in finance. Among the many fields that incorporate finance include banking, investments, and acquisitions as well as secured lending. People working in the ventures need to guarantee that the stocks and money of their customers are secured. As a matter of fact, their clients ought to have the capacity to make a lot of money through these ventures. These clients can even be business pioneers or organizations or multi-million dollar organizations. They make a substantial investment required to generate income for the company or corporation.


Career Journey

Felipe Montoro Jens is one of the well-regarded finance professionals in the world. He has expertise in the field of finance and investments as well. He is the CEO of Energizer Captacao South Africa. Montoro has also served as the Director at Santo Antonio Energia. In 2010, Felipe Montoro Jens was delegated as the executive of Braskem South Africa where he served until 2013. Before his election as the chairman of the board at Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo does Distrito Federal, he first served as a member of the board.


Felipe Montoro is a specialist in infrastructure. This is the reason why he gave his perspective on the partnership between the Brazilian government with BNDES, the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. He has taken a keen interest in the high waste level in states. This is on the grounds that it takes away the financial abundance of the country. Subsequently, this is a significant issue which should be handled instantly. This recent partnership will prompt a reduction in waste. It will upgrade basic sanitation and also put a cap on the run out of financial resources.