Sheryl Underwood Inspires Others to Try


Actress, TV personnel and comedian Sheryl Underwood has had much to say about the highly acclaimed Dherbs Detox program that has rapidly been gaining popularity lately. She was featured on The Steve Harvey Radio morning talk show to share her experience with the program and had much positive things to say.


“I like to thank everybody on the Steve Harvey Morning Show for introducing me to Da Herbs.” Sheryl stated, jokingly referring to the program as “Da Herbs”.

“I started on Sunday, I’ve been working out with my trainer. I’ve been eating better and I’ve been on the Dherbs Detox. And I’ve already lost 5 pounds.” Sheryl shared with the hosts of the radio show.


She had also been drinking more water, meditating and praying.


Sheryl goes on to mention that she was looking forward to an event that was honoring her at the Crown Plaza Royal Hotel in Los Angeles that could potentially test her ability to stick to the detox. However, she goes on to say that she would remain on the detox and make a toast to Dherbs.


Sheryl Underwood is not the only celebrity who loves the lifestyle. The product has also been endorsed by Steve Harvey and his wife.


The Dherbs Detox program can be purchased directly from It is a daily supplement that is used with a modified vegan diet as outlined in the instruction manual upon purchase.


Benefits include but are not limited to cleaner bowls, sharper mental focus, clearer skin, improved blood circulation and of course, weight loss. The program lasts for 21 days but can be safely be used for a longer period if the body is especially toxic.


More health promoting products can be found on Their product line includes all natural health supplements, pet care products, weight loss supplements and more.

The Accomplishments of Jason Halpern’s Real Estate Development Firm

Jason Halpern: Property Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is a successful real estate developer who has developed several buildings that are recognized as landmarks. He is currently based in Brooklyn and owns a company that is known as JMH Development. Halpern has been working in the industry for more than 20 years and has accomplished a lot. He kicked off his profession by serving Halpern Enterprises in the 1990s. His construction firm has completed several significant buildings in Miami, Westchester County, New York City, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. JMH Development has participated in projects that are valued at over $500 million for the past years. Aloft South Beach is one of the top buildings that the company has developed. The Miami-based hotel is very magnificent, and it has more than 200 modern rooms. The JMH Development joined efforts with Madden Real Estate Ventures to complete the building.

Jason : Active in Crunchbase Production

Mr. Halpern also developed top notch condos by transforming a Wild Turkey Bourbon warehouse. His real estate development firm worked together with Kushner Companies and Rockpoint Group to establish the building. They companies converted the store into a modern rental block that comprised of more than 338 top notch apartments that were completed in 2010. JMH Development also acquired Brooklyn Heights Cinema and reconstructed it into luxury condos. It completed the project with help from Madison Estate. Jason’s firm also built a state-of-the-art hotel that is located at the Long Island City.

Jason with Model Milana and Richard

Jason has excellent knowledge of the real estate sector since he comes from a family that owned a development company. Halpern Enterprises was created by his father, and he worked for it until when he founded JMH Development in the 1990s. He has gained sufficient experience in the sector and understands the needs of various markets. Halpern has managed to accomplish a lot due to the passion that he has for his career. He also associates well with the people of different communities that his company serves.

Family Life of Jason

Apart from real estate development undertakings, Jason Halpern has been participating in charity activities that are beneficial to the community. He is among the leading benefactors of the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. The medical facility is located at the Westchester Medical Center, and it is a Level 1 Trauma Institution. It is well equipped with modern diagnosis machines that assist its doctors in handling different emergency cases. The key areas that the hospital has majored in include the treatment of internal injuries, broken limbs, and expectant women. It also carries outs surgical procedures such as orthopedic surgery, open heart surgery, and neurosurgery. JMH Development is also involved in philanthropy. It has been offering funds to ensure that people in various parts of Nepal and Egpyt receive clean water. The company works with water-based nonprofit organizations to ensure that the project is successful.

Entrepreneur Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier has founded and co-founded many different things. He is an entrepreneur, in which he is known for being the most leading and successful in government and enterprise technology. Eric is also an author, columnist, public speaker, philanthropist, and has founded more than 15 companies. Eric has raised a lot of money for these ventures. In fact, he has raised millions of dollars.


A few of the ventures that he has founded or co founded include Digital Evolution and Media Platform. He has also invested in venue capital funds and charitable organizations. Just recently, Eric Pulier also invested in a new firm in alliance with some of the most notable names out there in the industry. He also invests in seed level startups in media as well as technology. A majority of them have gone on to be successful.


Touching base on Philanthropy, Eric Pulier is very active in the philanthropy community. He participates in endeavors that are set to help solve problems with physically impaired children all over the world. When he was younger, he created an educational program to help teach people about Multiple Sclerosis so that they can be educated on the disease.


In 1984, Eric Pulier graduated from Teaneck High School. After he graduated from there, he attended Harvard University for his BA degree. He graduated with honors, Magna Cum Laude, from Harvard in 1988. Pulier studied English & American Literature, Computer Science, Visual & Environmental Studies.


Pulier also became the author of a weekly column which is called PulierLeg. He was also an editor for the weekly column Harvard Crimson. Eric is also the author of Understanding Enterprise SOA which was published in 2005. The co-author is Hugh Taylor. The book is full of information but really want people to think about technology differently. Conclusions are drawn from real experiences of actual companies in different industries.


Another publication is The Enterprise Industrial Complex, which was published in 2012. Its purpose is to help companies that seek to thrive during economic downturns. In the recent years, buyers and vendors suffered in recent decades. These were a group of powerful buyers and vendors.




Avi Weisfogel Wants To See That Sleep Apnea Patients Get The Help That They Deserve

Dr. Avi Weisfogel DDS, co-founder of Dental Sleep Masters, knows that the majority of people with sleep apnea are unaware that they have the condition, and of those people who are aware that they have sleep apnea, many do not like the traditional noisy machines and uncomfortable masks, so they do not use them. Weisfogel noticed this problem when he opened his dental practice in Old Bridge, New Jersey, and he realized that for more people to get the help that they needed, dentists and physicians would have to work together.


As he told Ideamensch, Weisfogel has always been interested in helping patients with sleep disorders. Establishing Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010 and Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient in 2012, he combined Healthy Heart Sleep’s focus on sleep labs with Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient’s emphasis on increasing dentist’s sleep disorder patients to create Dental Sleep Masters, which has separate programs for dentists and physicians who want to increase their practice by adding sleep medicine.


While Avi Weisfogel excels at marketing, Dental Sleep Masters is not marketing program. A small percentage of the program deals with helping dentists grown their sleep medicine practice with a proven business model, the majority of the program is devoted to the science of sleep apnea.


General dentistry is physically demanding and few of the procedures can be handled by support staff. With a sleep medicine practice, a dentist who had considered retiring can extend his or her career, with support staff handling much of the oral appliance therapy.



The Assertiveness and Marketing Expertise of Wengie

When people think about Wengie, they think about the beautiful YouTube vlogger that gives out secrets to beauty. However, one of the things many people need to know about Wengie is that she is very good at marketing and running a business. After all, it takes a lot of marketing and work for people to have a successful channel. The first phases of establishing a business and an online presence involves reaching out to a lot of people. It is important for people to actually connect with others and engage in different activities. As they put themselves out there, they attract people that are interested in what they have to offer.


Wengie herself has put social media to good use. She has used her blog, her other accounts in order to engage in topics that she is passionate about. As she has worked on her YouTube channel, she has also reached out to people so that they will be interested in what she has to say. For those that are wondering how to reach out, there is more to it than to ask for followers. Instead, one has to give people a reason to follow her. This can be something along the lines of contributing to a conversation on a topic one is passionate about.


Wengie is very accessible as well as beautiful. This is one of the reasons that many people are supporting him and enjoying her videos. She is also very upfront and honest about what she is going through. She does everything she can to keep her fans happy and in the loop so that they will be able to know of all of the updates in her life. Wengie is an inspiration to people who have been faced with some difficulties when it comes to their careers.

Adam Milstein – The Rich Tradition of Israel

With over 3000 years of Abrahamic tradition steeped in the richness of the faith and the guidance of Almighty God, Judaism has been the seed of civilization. It is this historical fact that brings a powerful sense of pride and validation to a people that long for the peace of Abraham’s covenant and the shores of Canaan.


Through the years under the boot of the Assyrians, as well as the Egyptians, to the modern day Third Reich led by the fanatic Adolf Hitler the Jewish state of Israel has been the joy of the children of Abraham. Even now when being attacked on all sides by Arabs couched in the robe of ‘Palestinian’ the faith remains strong and the Jewish people steadfast in their quest for a peaceful, independent state unfettered by the hate mongers who are merely feet from their front door.


It is this pride, and the blood of the patriarchs that flows through the veins of Adam Milstein. A fierce advocate for his beloved Israel and a generous philanthropist whose guidance and generosity has been felt throughout all of Israel. In order to illuminate this fervor for his state Adam Milstein with the support of Milstein Family Foundation a video contest was initiated. The contest, in essence, is to produce a video that depicts all that is good in Israel. The people, the tradition, the Holy places, the history, and the present-day culture all have a beauty that every Son and Daughter of Abraham participate in. This contest is meant to enlighten not only those who live in Israel, but also the rest of the world.


There are over $20,000 dollars in prizes including and $8000.00 Grand Prize. The voting ends on March 29, 2017, and the winners will be announced on April 30, 2017. The voting is open to the entire world as we can choose which video we find the most inspiring.


Adam Milstein has been a strong advocate for educating the world on the true depth of Israel. He has been a tireless soldier and has sponsored such projects as the American-Israel Educational Foundation which spawns “initiatives [to] engage Africa-American, Christian, and Latino student leaders and educate them to become advocates for Israel.”. In addition, the Campus Maccabees summit was formed in order to engage the boycotting efforts against Israel, especially on college campuses.


In the final analysis, Israel continues to engage in a day to day battle to protect its sovereignty as well as its people from those who seek to murder her children, and destroy its Holy places. History confirms that the struggle has been ongoing and will more than likely never really end. Adam Milstein, like Judas Maccabeus will continue the battle until the oil runs dry.



The Success Story behind Highland Capital Management


Highland Capital Management is a renowned investment adviser company that registered with the SEC. The firm’s headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. It also has offices in Seoul, New York, Sao Paulo, and Singapore. Highland Capital Management, together with its associates, is worth $14.8 billion of assets under management.


The firm specializes in credit strategies such as long-only funds and separate accounts; credit hedge funds; collateralized loan obligations (CLOs); and distressed and special situation private equity. It also offers alternative investments including natural resources, emerging markets, and long/short equities.

 The History of Highland Capital Management

 James Dondero and Mark Okada, who are the co-founders of Highland Capital Management, began founding of the company in the 1990s. First, they formed a joint venture with the Protective Life Insurance Corporation, which specialized in fixed income markets, for instance, managing of senior secured bank loans. Later in 1993, the venture evolved to PAMCO (Protective Asset Management Company). It is an SEC-registered investment advisor. Moreover, Protective Life Insurance Corporation owns 60 percent of PAMCO’s shares while the co-founders own the other 40 percent.

 As the company began to progress, the co-founders purchased the shares of Protective Life Insurance Corporation in May 1997. They proceeded to establish Ranger Asset Management, L. P. as an autonomous advisor company that is registered with the SEC. In 1998, Ranger Asset Management, L. P. was changed to the Highland Capital Management, L. P.

 Accomplishments of Highland Capital Management

 Highland Capital Management formed its first commingled bank loan fund under the leadership of James Dondero and Mark Okada in 2000. The firm also established an alternative investment 40 Act platform that same year. In 2004, Highland Capital Management developed its product lines. Further, it joined the mutual fund business by acquiring of two floating rate funds from the Columbia Asset Management. Additionally, the expansion of the company led to the opening of offices in Singapore and Seoul in 2008 and 2011 respectively.

 Currently, Highland Capital Management is a privately owned investment firm. It has experience for more than 20 years in a variety of products for institutional investors and retail. Furthermore, the client base of Highland Capital Management includes financial institutions, corporations, and pension plans.

Dr. Vijay Eswaran: The Proficient Entrepreneur

Dr. Vijay Eswaran, the Executive Chairman of QI Group of Companies is widely known as philanthropist, an accomplished motivational speak and a successful entrepreneur. After graduating from the London School of Economics, Dr. Vijay attained his MBA from Southern Illinois University.

He then worked as a consultant for different IT companies. Later on exploring network and multilevel marketing, Dr. Vijay and Joseph Bismark started their own MLM Company.

Through their hard work and effort QI Group Ltd generated immense profit. The global company is involved in various sectors such as hospitality, conference management, direct selling, property development and logistics, education and financial services.

Vijay Eswaran treasures the employees of the multi-business; QI Group which is based in Hong Kong. It also has operational offices in 25 other countries QI Group and is the parent company of QNET. Dr. Vijay states that he tries to impart on them the skill of service above self which he learnt from his own father.

He also ensures that his team is made of persons with the right attitude in order to deliver fully. The philanthropy at heart is the brains behind RYTHM Foundation which is the philanthropy organization of QI Group of companies. Furthermore; he teamed up with one of the biggest Malaysian universities to launch a training program in MLM.

Vijay Eswaran is listed as one of the most affluent persons in Asia. His net worth is estimated to be more than $500 Million USD held in various investments and personal assets. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Eswaran is also an acclaimed speaker who says that India’s greatest leader has been a great inspiration to his work. In 2016, he delivered a speech in Switzerland at the World Economic Forum. Dr. Vijay talked about the challenges affecting India and Malaysia.

He further talked about how business organizations can be established. Other forums in which Eswaran has spoken include the Global Indian Business Meet in 2012, New York where he was awarded the New Global Indian award in business and philanthropy.

At The World Chinese Economic Summit, hosted by the Melaka State Government the Malaysian entrepreneur was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in Global Entrepreneurship.

The Fight Against Cancer


Cancer is an epidemic in the current era. It has taken more lives compared to other diseases. This has made it the number one cause of death amongst people. Cancer is not cheap to treat. It needs extra care, and people need to be extra careful. Cancer is a lifestyle disease that affects the genetical modification of the body. This makes the bones to become weak. Its treatment is very painful. Dr. Clay Siegall is the chairman and founder of Seattle Genetics. It is a company that produces scientific innovation, research, and drugs development into understanding cancer.

Siegall is a scientist by profession. His contribution to the industry is immense. He has contributed to various innovations in the treatment of cancer through his organization. He serves on various boards as a director of the research towards solving the crisis of cancer. Siegall’s expertise has enabled him to be a leader in the industry. This makes him good at what he does. Clay Siegall is a member of different boards. He collaborates with the various stakeholders to come up with solutions to the cancer menace. Cancer is a killer disease that keeps on evolving and changing on a daily basis. Cancer attacks healthy people sometimes. Cancer can only be prevented. It cannot be cured.

Siegall’s roles include initiating different programs that can make cancer treatment available and cheaper as shown by Seattle Genetics management. This biotechnology company has ensured the development of cheaper drugs that are very practical and efficient. Some of its drugs have been used as treatment while other drugs are yet to be approved. Siegall studied science and worked with different pharmaceutical companies that facilitate the development of better medications options for victims. His work is profound. These developments help a lot in society. They make it easy for people to afford medication. They also help people to get rid of the financial pressure. It is important to develop such bodies all the time because the future is unpredictable. It gives room for improvement in the society because people can easily get solutions to health issues.


So Good You Can Taste It: EOS Flavors Are Ready For Summer

EOS lip balm’s fresh flavors will help you remember that summer really is right around the corner. EOS visibly soft blackberry nectar comes in a lavender sphere and brings the taste of July to your lips at a moments notice. The pale pink Strawberry Sorbet Smooth Sphere is light and sweet with a creamy finish reminiscent of strawberry shortcake on a summer afternoon. If you’re looking for something cooler and more refreshing try Sweet Mint ( The bright, crisp flavor reminds us of staying cool when temperatures climb and there is nothing cooler than the matte mint of this Smooth Sphere.

Like all EOS products on Racked and other stores, the ingredients in the flavored lip balms are 99% natural. Shea butter and vitamin C and E nourish your lips instantly softening and moisturizing. The flavors are created using natural fruit extracts. EOS lip balms are petroleum free, paraban free, gluten free and phthalate free.

EOS lip balm is a product with ingredients you can feel good about in packaging that makes you smile. The candy colored, round containers are designed to be easily found in large handbags. With a huge selection on colors and flavors you can always be sure of having the right lip balm at your fingertips. Read the full EOS history on Fast