NV foundation and bronzer helps establish Jeunesse Global as serious player in cosmetics

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded Jeunesse Global back in 2009, the newly retired Florida couple was just looking for a way to pass their free time. Both Ray and Lewis had been lifelong workaholics, building some of the most impressive companies in the North American direct-selling industry. But now, the couple wanted to give retirement a try. They believed that they would be able to make the adjustment from the fast-paced business world to the leisurely life that prevailed in their upscale, gated Florida community.

But neither Ray nor Lewis counted on how difficult it would be for people as innately industrious as them to walk away, full stop, from the excitement and meaning that the business world gave them. Within just a couple of weeks, Ray and Lewis had once again founded a direct-selling business. But this time, the wealthy couple was not interested in simply acquiring more money and material goods. They genuinely wanted to create something that would serve as a lasting legacy. Ray and Lewis were dedicated to creating breakthrough products while spreading real economic opportunity across the globe, especially to disadvantaged people.

In this vision, they have been a resounding success. Today, Jeunesse Global has distributors in nearly every corner of the planet. The company has made millionaires out of hundreds of distributors and helped thousands more reach their life and financial goals. At the same time, the company has changed the lives of people who desire to stay young and healthy as they age.

One example of the kinds of innovative products that Jeunesse Global has consistently delivered is its NV foundation and bronzer. NV is one of the top-selling foundations in the world. It has been a tremendous hit with consumers, allowing millions of women the option to subtly shift their skin tone while also giving them the ability to go makeup free if they choose.

NV comes in nine different shades. These range from white to a dark cocoa hue, allowing customers throughout the East Asia region to use the product as a mild skin lightener while allowing those elsewhere to go with a swarthier look.


Halsey and the Chainsmokers Make Moving Tribute to Avicii

The death of Avicii the popular Swedish DJ and sought after producer, hit the music industry hard this year when word got out that he passed away on April 20 at just 28 years of age. The loss was felt extremely hard and noted during awards season. During the Billboard Music Awards American singers Halsey and the Chainsmokers took advantage of a few minutes time before presenting the Top Hot 100 Song of 2018 to take a break for passing out awards and watching performances by ominees to pay tribute to the man who had, as they said, ‘inspired so many in so many ways’. The producer’s family announced shortly after his death that he passed away by taking his own life. In the speech Halsey told ‘.audience members ‘to be there and support and love all of our friends and family members who may be struggling with mental health issues

The Chainsmokers are a popular pop act that was formed in 2012. Today the group is made up of members Alex Pall and Andrew Tagart, singers from New York. The duo performed live for the very first time in the fall of 2014 when they opened for the group Timeflies. Their debut EP was entitled “Bouquet and was released to the public in 2015. A single from it, Roses, was the Chainsmokers first Top 10 hit on the pop charts. Today the Chainsmokers a staple on the concert scene and at most of the popular award shows.

The Chainsmokers and Halsey collaborated on the number “Closer” and the trio has performed it on several occasions together.

Delivering the brief memorial for Avicii was just another celebration of the relationship between the female pop star and the popular duo.

Although known as Avicii professionally, his real name was Tim Berling.


Rick Scott Faces Lingering FEC Complaint Filed By End Citizens United Months before Midterms

A complaint was recently filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) by End Citizens United, against Senate candidate Rick Scott. The former Florida Governor has raised more than $78 million for his campaign, and the political action committee (PAC) is alleging that the funds to operate the campaign are being funneled through a “super PAC.” In the complaint, the PAC states that Scott has knowingly taken actions to circumvent the federal limits that were put in place to prevent direct contributions to be transferred to a campaign for operating expenses. Scott has been receiving funds directly from the New Republican PAC.

The Scott campaign has steadfastly denied all allegations. However, according to Tiffany Mueller, President of End Citizens United, the actions are clearly in violation of the FEC laws. “This is not a smear campaign…This is a legitimate FEC complaint because [Rick Scott] broke the law.” End Citizens United’s complaint speaks directly to the super PAC having every right to continually raise as much money it chooses and to spend as much, or as little, of the money it chooses; however, the process must be within the established campaign laws. The PAC used the anti-coordination law to file the complaint.

Adam Bozzi, Communications Director for the PAC says that it is clear that Scott has been more motivated by his political aspirations rather than abiding by the FEC laws and campaign processes that have been put into place to safeguard the integrity of the political system. He stated that Scott deliberately bypassed the election laws to funnel soft money into his campaign. End Citizens United has provided documented proof of the allegations within the complaint. According to the communications director, the super PAC money is being used to pay Scott’s campaign expenses and covertly intended to elude the disclosure laws that exits for a reason. The documentation also pointed out that Scott was still a chairman for the super PAC as recently as January 2018, which was further supported by the information listed on New Republican PAC’s website.

The information provided in the complaint is backed by the Tampa Bay Times, which also reported in detail how Scott was raising money for the New Republican PAC in February. In an article published by the Washington Post, Scott also planned to host a dinner for the contributors of the super PAC.

It is the belief of End Citizens United that Scott has no desire to agree to any campaign finance reform, and therefore, the PAC plans to defeat him once the midterm election votes are counted.

About End Citizens United:  www.indeed.com/q-End-Citizens-United-jobs.html

Making Sense Of Vijay Eswaran’s Business Tips

As planet Earth’s societies continually grow in population, their standards of living, and strength of healthcare systems, their economies generally grow as well. All throughout the world, the average developed – and undeveloped, too – nation’s economy continues to grow.

Why do these facts of modern life matter?

People around the world have long traveled to more developed, prosperous nations in efforts to succeed in business. Some fail, some hit the proverbial lottery by purchasing their lotto tickets with tons of hard work and good ideas.

However one slices the figurative circle-shaped food how to reach success in business, what’s certain is that there are few clear answers to the question, “How can I succeed in business?”

Vijay Eswaran is a popular businessperson who was born in Malaysia in 1960, though he spends most of his working days in Hong Kong. Mr. Vijay Eswaran attended both Southern Illinois University and the London School of Economics, netting a master’s of business administration and bachelor’s degrees at each, respectively.

Having founded one of the most successful companies in all of eastern Asia, Mr. Eswaran simply knows what strategies work and which ones don’t fare too well when it comes to success in any business industry.

Features below is a handful of tips, tricks, and strategies that entrepreneurs can use in their business-related efforts. Not each one will work immediately, nor will they work for everybody, though using a well-blended mixture of all of these tips will certainly yield greater returns in life than not taking a more diversified approach in respect to them.

Businesses, organizations, groups, and individuals must change

In business – not just in business, but across every field and concentration in life – companies often modify their approaches to have higher chances of success. Individuals engage in the same general behaviors: modifying things they do in hopes to better meet their goals.

Vijay Eswaran tells others that the most appropriate method of changing things is to do whatever’s possible to change them by one’s self, without any help from others.

If you change, so do others

When people see other people yawning, they’re more likely to yawn themselves. This reasoning holds true to changing behaviors, actions, processes, and ways of thinking. Vijay Eswaran knows all too well that leaders who show subordinates that they themselves are willing to make changes by actually carrying them out are the objectively

Why Taking Heal N Soothe Makes Perfect Sense

There are several different reasons why people who suffer from joint pain should use the Heal N Soothe formula to find relief. The first of these reasons is simple. With a regular regimen of this product, living with pain does not have to be a fact of reality for millions of joint-pain sufferers. Heal N Soothe provides relief for joint inflammation. This is possible due to a cadre of natural ingredients that work in concert with one another.


This formula is an alternative to other well-known methods of combating joint pain, because it does not contain any glucosamine or chondroitin. When this formula is combined with a healthy diet and used on a regular basis its results are prove to benefit users. The innovation of this product comes from extracts from fruits herbs and trees. It provides a natural source of pain relief. As a matter of fact, its combination of ingredients is unique to anything else on the market. Read more How Heal-n-Soothe Has Changed the Supplement Industry


Ultimately, it breaks down things such as leukotrienes and prostaglandins that contribute to inflammation in the body. Everyone knows that pharmaceuticals are big business and can help with pain. Not nearly as many people are aware of the concept of Living Well Nutraceuticals. This matter of fact is something of a riddle, because many of the ingredients found in Heal N Soothe are already well-received with the general public. Turmeric and ginger make the top of the list, just to name a few.


The power behind these ingredients is evidenced by their boosting of enzymes already present within the body. This is a result of the combination of Rutin, Boswellia extract and other ingredients. It is not only effective in handling inflammation present in in the body, but it can contribute in the loss of scarred tissue as well.


To really understand how Heal N Soothe works, a closer look at what goes into the supplement is needed. At the top of this list is a form of Vitamin E that falls into to the category of tocopheral. More specifically, it is a salt form of alpha-tocopheral succinate, which happens to be highly recommend and effective in its bioactivity. Another compound found in the formula is L-Glutathione, which does a lot on the molecular level to benefit the body and facilitate overall health. Go Here for additional information.


Of course, it takes more than these two agents to make the Heal N Soothe formula so effective. Serrazimes, bromelain, and citrus bioflavonoid complex combine with things like extract of Devil’s Claw to provide an inclusive solution for pain management.


Visit; http://releasefact.com/2018/04/putting-natures-pain-fighters-in-heal-n-soothe-to-work/


Upwork Provides Tips on the Best Way to Approach a To-Do List

Getting a to-do list squared away is something that a ton of busy people struggle with. Sometimes they may have many things to do and they become flustered by all of the work that has to be done. The good thing about creating a to-do list is that it gives you a sense of direction.

People that wake up everyday with no to-do list will not really have a purpose. They may wake up with no plans to get anything done and they will realize that they actually have a lot to do as the day progresses. This is always a counterproductive move. If you have a to-do list in mind you may actually want to consider the things that you can do as soon as you get up. Sometimes it is even better to plan the day before.

Creating a to-do list will give you the opportunity to build a better outline where you can delegate responsibility to others. Sometimes this involves a level of trust where you need to get with others that can help you accomplish the task you’re trying to do.

One of the best ways to create and knock out a to-do list is to group things in order. If you’re planning to run around town you may want to put all the places that you are going that are close to vicinity of one other on the list together.

When you have the ability to create a to-do list you should also make sure that you are handling things in a certain order based on the priority. Another thing that you should consider with a to-do list is keeping something that is practical. Do not make a to-do list with so many things that you can never complete all of these things in one day. It does not make sense to make an unrealistic list that puts you in a place where you are struggling to complete the list. It is good to make it to-do list, but you should always make a list that is realistically achievable within the course of the day.

Find out more about Upwork: https://technewsspy.com/2018/04/20/choosing-independent-work-freelancer-upwork/


Doe Deere: A Fearless Entrepreneur

Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime sets her standards high, constantly pushing the limits of expectations, and successfully delivers to her customers a product line that is both new, innovative, and so much more. With her extroverted personality and her bold choices with makeup and hair, Deere’s makeup line follows suit with her personal style and authentic self. Deere has not only created a quality product, but she has created a quality marketing campaign that accentuates both product and packaging. In terms of products, her lines are diverse including such cosmetics as primer, brushes, glitters, and eye shadows. Toting a philosophy of being one hundred percent vegan and cruelty free, the Lime Crime makeup does not test its products on animals, and Deere values helping animal-related charities.


Not immune to making mistakes, Deere emphasizes a mantra of learning from them. Whether it be as individuals or as business men and women, we are always learning so mistakes are inevitable. The important takeaway is not in never making a mistake; rather, it is in pushing through adversity and overcoming obstacles. Additionally, as an entrepreneur, Deere emphasizes the need to take risks, be bold, and constantly be thinking. Her advice for her cult beauty brand followers is to not be afraid to express oneself. That message is apparent in her products. Not only has she created a personal brand for herself, but she encourages others to listen to their own inner voices and their likes and dislikes, and be aware of gaps in the market and what the next innovation might look like. Deere values the individual and this is evident with her whimsical approach to beauty from Lime Crime’s best-selling Unicorn lipstick to palettes with glittery lilac hues.


Deere is a confident and team-oriented professional who has marketed successful products with a glossy and nostalgic feel. They are both modern and retro and inspired by toys of the past. She listens to the voices of her consumers and encourages their opinions. Deere values merging her creative visions with that of her customers, interacting with them on social media and encouraging excitement and anticipation at all stages of a launch. As a pioneer in the beauty industry, Doe Deere has succeeded in branding her personal style and creating a loyal customer base. And if anyone says, life is not all about unicorns and glitter, they just might not be correct. Learn more: http://www.revelist.com/beauty-news-/doe-deere-controversy/11973


End Citizens United-Fighting for What Is Right

End Citizens United is one of the organizations that richly advocates for the rights of the minority. The PAC, thanks to its significant backing from the members of the public, has done tremendous things including fighting against the wealthiest Americans who tie a noose on politicians during and after the campaign season.

The United States has always been a normal country but after the 2010 Supreme Court decision, the country and its people have gotten governed by money-hungry politicians who would rather sell fellow countrymen to the dogs rather than help them.

It is agreeable that the changes in the American political culture have more than altered the landscape, resulting in a lot of turmoil. End Citizens, however, has not taken the politically elite forces that are as corrupt as they come lightly. The PAC, through its team of excellent advocates, takes the war to the courts with the aim of having the legal system do away with the 2010 constitutional reforms.

End Citizens United, since its inception, has fought for constitutional amendments that favor free speech. Secondly, the PAC through its team has played a significant role in ensuring that the power that presently gets accorded to corporations and billionaires transcends to the people who represent the majority.

The PAC, having faced some serious setbacks in the past, now knows how to play to the tune well. End Citizens United has created a forum that empowers grassroots leaders to find their way to the government. Additionally, the PAC is using its legal team to fight for reforms, not on a battleground, but rather in the halls of justice.

Today marks three years since the organization got formed. Regardless, the PAC has been able to make bold steps in the constitutional reforms of the country because of the men and women who have sacrificed everything to make the United Success successful.

Individuals like Tiffany Muller, Matt Burgess, Adam Bozzi, Anne Feldman, Andrew Laskar, Jordan Wood, Ron Barber, Jessica Berg, Christopher Massicotte, Lanae Hatalsky, Simone Ward, Addisu Demissie, and Bill Smith have surely made End Citizens United great. The 2018 congressional elections are fast approaching but the organization is not backing down anytime soon.

Its robust plan of raising thirty-five million dollars is slowly becoming a reality because End Citizens United is now bigger and better. From the look of things, America and the world by extension is now a better place all because of the PAC.

Contact End Citizens United: docquery.fec.gov/cgi-bin/fecimg/?C00573261

Peter Briger’s Life and Career

Peter Briger is a founder, co-chairman, and the president of the Fortress Investment Group. He heads the credit and real estate business part of the firm. Peter Briger was also the co-chairman of Fortress Investment Group board of directors from November 2006 to August 2008. He studied in the University of Princeton where he undertook a degree in Business Administration. He later earned his master’s degree in the University of Pennsylvania. His educational background in finance was the beginning of a professional career in the investment and finance sector. Peter Bridger built his reputation as one of the most respected financial experts.

His first job was in Sachs $ Co. where he worked for close to sixteen years until he got to be part of the founding principles of Fortress Investment Group. Apart from being an employee at Sachs $ Co., he was also a partner for 16 years. His work experience in Sachs $ Co. prepared him for the role he was to play in ensuring that Fortress Investment Group becomes a great success. Apart from being a skilled financial expert, he is also a philanthropist. He serves as part of a board member for Tipping Point.

Tipping Point is a Non-profit Organization that serves families with low income in San Francisco. He also serves on the Caliber Board of Directors. Caliber Schools is a network of charter schools that help students prepare for success in the competitive environment of the college world and beyond college. He is also part of the leadership in a Global Children’s fund known as the Silicon Valley Fund. Upon the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by Softbank Group, the total compensation Peter Briger got was approximately $23 million. The amount coupled with his assets places him at number 962 on the Forbes Billionaire List and to know more

Due to his success financially, he also provides backup for the Princeton Entrepreneurship Program. The goal of this program is to provide funds to new entrepreneurs and startup companies whose funders are part of the Princeton Alumni. The program brings to life the ideas and dreams that budding entrepreneurs have. The total amount given to suitable candidates is $100000. The program helps other entrepreneurs achieve their goals like founding a company such as Fortress Investment Group. He is also an enthusiast when it comes to the bitcoin phenomenon. According to him, bitcoins are digital gold and learning how to invest in them is key since it is a worthwhile investment.


Alex Pall Gives Some Insight Into What’s Next For The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are currently one of the hottest acts in music. Over the past year, they have released hit records such as Closer and Don’t Let Me Down. While The Chainsmokers normally rely on song writers and vocalists to create the finishing touches along with their electronic beats, they plan to personalize their music even further by contributing as artists to their songs. One half of the duo, Alex Paul, recently spoke on his love of music and how The Chainsmokers plan to evolve in the future.

Pall notes that he spent many years DJing around New York City, though he considered it more of a hobby instead of a career. However, Pall soon realized that music was consuming a lot of his time, so he decided to pursue music as his career. Pall’s manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart. Pall and Taggart began working together soon after and The Chainsmokers were established.

Pall says that there was immediate chemistry. Pall notes that he noticed very quickly that Taggart shared that same love and passion about music. Pall says that he is constantly discovering more things. Pall says that it is important to try new things in order to stay interesting.

Pall notes that singing is what sets The Chainsmokers apart from some of their peers. Pall and Taggart write their own lyrics to some songs. Even on some songs where they rely more on the songwriters, Pall and Taggart are still giving input. Pall and Taggart note that most of the songs are about their lives.

Pall says that social media has been a huge asset. Pall is proud of the fact that The Chainsmokers are becoming popular throughout the World. Pall and Taggart are also proud of the fact that their music is appealing to people in different age groups.

Looking ahead to the future, The Chainsmokers are excited to announce that they will be putting on a festival. They are also planning to combine videos of their live show with their regular DJ show. Pall says that the key to being successful is to avoid becoming complacent.