Pastor Loses 130 Pounds To Save Spouse With The Help of, home of the Full Body Cleanse and the head online asset for natural supplements, has reported that Hosea Collins, a customer that has used multiple Cleanses, lost 130lbs.

Minister Hosea Collins, alongside Dherbs CEO A.D. Dolphin, appeared on the “Steve Harvey” syndicated program during the summer of 2016, to share recent news on his adventure to get more fit in the course over the course of a few months. Collins went from weighing 352lbs to 222lbs, exclusively by watching what he ate, using the Cleanse products spraringly, and consistently working out. He had motivation to going through this challenging life change because his significant other needed a new kidney.


When Collins first found out that his significant other needed a new kidney to survive, he immediately put his name on a list to donate. In light of his weight, he was turned away and would not be able to spare his significant other’s life. Determined, he started his life change and mission to get in shape with the guide of Dherbs moving him towards a more advantageous way of life. Now that he has changed his weight to 222lbs, Collins was entered into a kidney swap program.


Regardless of whether he is a match for his better half, he will still donate his kidney through the program and help someone in need. Collins has completely turned his life around and will continue to manage his health so he can reach 200lbs. is based in Los Angeles California. The site’s goal is to educate everyone on the importance of maintaining ones health and nutrition. Other than toxicity, doesn’t believe that there are any other diseases that can not be cured.


The proper precautions can keep a person healthy and disease free. There are so many products such as cheese, milk, and butter that can be switched with another healthier alternative with lower fat and sodium contents.  Find them on Facebook at Dherbs Family.

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