Perry Mandera: Trucking Philanthropist

Perry Mandera has over 30 years in the trucking industry and has definitely set the standard for the industry, too. He first began driving a truck while being a reservist in the U.S.M.C. At 23 years old, he started his own trucking company and sold it 5 years later. That next year,1986, Perry Mandera founded The Custom Companies, Inc., out of Northlake, Illinois. His company was the first to give customers full transportation services. He started the company on one basic principle, “One Call Does It All.” Perry Mandera’s goal was to give customers’ truckload, LTL, airfreights, and local cartage services all in one. Through offering all that over the last 25 years, the company has become known as an industry leader by providing their clients with world class service in all forms of transportation. As the company’s president, he’s involved with the day to day run down of the whole company. The company has over 350 employees in Los Angeles and Chicago.

Perry Mandera sets high goals at The Custom Companies, Inc. Perry Mandera asserts that the company remains steadfast in giving their clients a personal approach, with the foundation of offering world class service across the board.

On top of transportation, Perry Mandera also added warehousing and distribution to his company’s repertoire. The warehousing division has a wide range of variety including sorting, labeling, routing, and separation. The company upholds 33 major- market distribution hubs and over 350 power units across the nation. The company’s fleet is privately owned and is furnished with the most up to date vehicle satellite tracking system.

Perry Mandera isn’t only a philanthropist, but he’s very active in the community as well. He endorses many local and national charities like the Chicago Anti- Hunger Federation, AIDS research, and Special Olympics. After Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast, he sent 40 truckloads of water, food, and other supplies to those in need in the disaster area. He’s also supported Olympic boxers and been a sports coach for kids. He even started a non- profit organization to help children in need, called Custom Cares Charities, Inc (

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