Rocketship Education at the Forefront of Opportunity and Education

Rocketship Education is a network of public charter schools that are non-profit oriented and are designed to help low-income students keep alive their dream of enrolling in colleges. Since its launch in 2007, Rocketship Education has established 25 new high-performing public charter schools. Every school has five core values with four of them shared across the network of schools. The core values of Rocketship Education are respect, responsibility, empathy, and persistence. Students recite these common values in their Rocketeer creed each day and are encouraged to uphold them in their communities as well. They are essential in ensuring that students are all-round. The fifth value in each Rocketship school is chosen by the parents and teachers to illustrate the school’s character and vision. The school also adopted gratitude as not just a feeling but a choice and a vehicle for students to show their thanks and appreciation.

Research has proven that most students in Rocketship schools come from communities that experience a different level of life stress compared to those in middle and upper-class communities. That has resulted in the schools being designed to equip students with values and critical character skills. The skills are aimed at helping students better manage their emotions and in conflict resolution.

Rocketship Education’s curriculum

Rocketship’s instructional curricula programs also include social-emotional learning. According to an article posted on the Washington Post, parents get involved in the process of recruiting teachers long before school starts. That is a step that has helped Rocketship to make parental involvement a part of their core program. The article continues to explain how at each campus parents are allowed to join interviews and get to meet the applicants and thus helps them to interact.

Rocketship Education is one among the many public charter schools that benefit from financial support from various donations. For instance, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings established a new $100 million fund to support education while Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg committed much of his wealth to education investments and technologies. Facebook is also involved in developing a personalized learning platform through its engineers to local charter school developer Summit Public Schools.


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