Rocketship Education, its President, and its Rise to Success

Preston Smith understands that there are many aspects of educational environments that need to be perfect to be lauded as one of the nation’s best. Thanks to his excellent leadership, he brought a school network he helped found in 2004 raised its state standardized test score from 753 to 881 API.

Parents need to push for better schools once their children graduate from Rocketship Education. Too many people feel negatively about public schools, in turn creating bad environments in economically-disadvantaged areas

Being a charter school, it never requires parents and guardians to pay for tuition like private schools do. Despite getting no revenue from asking parents of students, this charter schools operated its first year on more than four million United States dollars for a relatively small team of educators – only 25.

One of the many unique things about its regular operations is teaching students about emotions and their effects on communicating with others. It’s great that students at Rocketship Education are taught countless tasks that are applicable in real life, be it academics or in the workplace.

There are five core values that are used by more than 60 percent of facilities within the Rocketship Education system, each previously hand-picked by teachers and parents together. Parents also serve several other responsibilities for their children at schools, one of which is being active in interviewing applicants for open positions as educators.

Preston Smith has found that parents are almost always heavily concerned with the characteristics of their children’s teachers. As such, they have a great deal of practical application in students’ future academic endeavors.

Parents need to be ready to pull their children from schools that aren’t holding up to their standards. Preston Smith and the many administrators teaching 3,800-plus students often push parents to voice their concerns if expectations of theirs and their students aren’t being met.

Students from areas of low income that attend any one of Rocketship Education’s locations are taught how emotions and social behaviors overlap. Many students are not taught things that actually help them interact with others, a skill that is used daily by people of all industries and career paths.

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