Securus Should Be Recognized For Stellar Service

I would like to highlight a company that is always doing the right thing today. This company, Securus Technologies, is a prison telecommunications company. You read that correctly, they provide telecommunications services to inmates and anybody trying to call into a prison.


You see, Securus doesn’t have to do the right thing. This company has already lobbied the prisons that they serve for exclusive contracts. This makes them the sole provider of telecommunications services to that facility. This would allow a lesser company to raise rates exponentially in order to make a killing. In fact, it is what many companies do, including the largest company in the industry — Global Tel-Link.


Securus does the right thing, however. They have an industry-leading customer service center that is capable of fielding over 2 million calls per month.


Securus is so good at what they do, they have earned accreditation and A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. And their latest technological innovation is astounding. They have figured out how to provide video visitation for prisoners all across this country. It comes just in time for the holidays and it really is a superior service.


The video visitation technology not only provides a video chat, it allows law enforcement to reallocate resources. The video visitation technology takes care of scheduling, requires no security checks, and takes care of payment. This means fewer people visiting prison facilities all across the country. There will be fewer people waiting in line, fewer security checks and no need to dedicate a person to scheduling. This company should be applauded in public for the work that they do for all of us.


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