Securus Technologies; Home of Correctional Facilities’ Products and services

Correctional and law enforcement facilities need to have excellent communication technologies. The technology should be helpful in making the facilities safe and secure. Therefore, it is necessary to have reliable and easy to use technology in correctional facilities. Securus Technologies is the leading company in inmate communication services. They are based in Dallas, and have vast experience in developing and availing correctional facilities products and services.

I believe for recidivism to reduce; the inmate should be allowed to communicate with their relatives and friends. For that reason, Securus have come with inmate communication services that range from calls to messaging. The services are reliable and affordable hence promoting the transformation of inmates. Their calls are secure, well monitored and recorded to ensure the correctional facilities remain secure. Inmates are also allowed to use technology so that they can access information and get informed about the outside world.

At Securus Technologies, some experienced experts propel the company to success. With the great leadership of CEO Rick Smith and vast experience from other staff, the company has been able to develop robust technology solutions that are helpful in correctional facilities. Securus also provides biometric analysis, information management, emergency response, incident management, public information, inmate self-service as well as investigation products and services. They also monitor all their products to ensure the world is a safer place to be.

All Securus’ technology products are modern, and they continuously improve them to meet correctional facilities‘ needs. With over 30 years’ experience, Securus Technologies are serving over 3400 correctional facilities as well as more than 1.21 million inmates. Recently they have teamed up with JPay to improve service delivery. This acquisition will make Securus the fastest growing company as a result of tablet products, inmate payments as well as email services. With this addition, crimes will reduce as well as recidivism. Securus Technologies will remain the best company in providing correctional and law enforcement agencies with reliable products and services.


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