See How Dr. Johanan Rand Has Made His Anti-Aging Programs Comprehensive

For a long-term success in fitness and health, it is important to support the dietary and hormone changes that come. The healing process in the body is important and Dr. Johanan Rand knows how to augment the blood circulation in the body. According to Dr. Johanan Rand, one would enjoy a greater impact from the dietary changes if the hormone levels are taken back to their earlier days in life. The hormonal and dietary changes would have better effects if they are augmented using physical therapy. Rand says that the aging adults should increase their energy levels in the body and reduce fatigue is they are on a properly designed program.

Dr. Johanan knows that the energy levels in the body can be affected by the postural alignment. From the bioidentical hormone knowledge that Dr. Rand has, he says that physical exercises are important in improving the strength and flexibility of specific muscle groups. He notes that these muscles shouldn’t work in a strenuous way to have a resting position intact. Doctor Rand is known to advise people on how physical exercises could correct movement habits, specific holding patterns and also contribute to stress and fatigue reduction.

For people who live a healthy life, aging can really confuse them. Some of the changes the body experiences are what most people are not ready to receive. The emotional impact of this condition affects the overall health in a detrimental way. Once the underlying factors causing the unhealthy condition are eliminated, symptoms will definitely be cleared. With this in mind, Dr. Rand developed some techniques and approaches that treat the conditions that looked quite terrible and hard to treat.

Most people today know Dr. Johanan Rand as the president and founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. The facility is located in New Jersey at a place called West Orange. He is one of the medical specialists who has been licensed and certified to practice medicine. He has a profound professional background and training that help him to shed more insights and experience in his medical career. Dr. Rand attended the College of Medicine at Howard University and proceeded with his internship at the Medical Center of St. Barnabas.


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