Peter Briger’s Life and Career

Peter Briger is a founder, co-chairman, and the president of the Fortress Investment Group. He heads the credit and real estate business part of the firm. Peter Briger was also the co-chairman of Fortress Investment Group board of directors from November 2006 to August 2008. He studied in the University of Princeton where he undertook a degree in Business Administration. He later earned his master’s degree in the University of Pennsylvania. His educational background in finance was the beginning of a professional career in the investment and finance sector. Peter Bridger built his reputation as one of the most respected financial experts.

His first job was in Sachs $ Co. where he worked for close to sixteen years until he got to be part of the founding principles of Fortress Investment Group. Apart from being an employee at Sachs $ Co., he was also a partner for 16 years. His work experience in Sachs $ Co. prepared him for the role he was to play in ensuring that Fortress Investment Group becomes a great success. Apart from being a skilled financial expert, he is also a philanthropist. He serves as part of a board member for Tipping Point.

Tipping Point is a Non-profit Organization that serves families with low income in San Francisco. He also serves on the Caliber Board of Directors. Caliber Schools is a network of charter schools that help students prepare for success in the competitive environment of the college world and beyond college. He is also part of the leadership in a Global Children’s fund known as the Silicon Valley Fund. Upon the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by Softbank Group, the total compensation Peter Briger got was approximately $23 million. The amount coupled with his assets places him at number 962 on the Forbes Billionaire List and to know more

Due to his success financially, he also provides backup for the Princeton Entrepreneurship Program. The goal of this program is to provide funds to new entrepreneurs and startup companies whose funders are part of the Princeton Alumni. The program brings to life the ideas and dreams that budding entrepreneurs have. The total amount given to suitable candidates is $100000. The program helps other entrepreneurs achieve their goals like founding a company such as Fortress Investment Group. He is also an enthusiast when it comes to the bitcoin phenomenon. According to him, bitcoins are digital gold and learning how to invest in them is key since it is a worthwhile investment.