Fly to your dream vacation with Airport Fagali!

Do you have the desire to fly anywhere in Samoa? Then vibrant green forests, clear waters, perfect surfing conditions and soft white sand on the beach await you when you fly with Airport Fagali!

All islands of Samoa are welcoming and approved for US visitation! Please make sure your passport is valid before heading off and has at least one blank page available in case of an emergency. You will not need a tourist visa if you plan on staying less than 60 days.

The Fagali Airport is located less than 5 miles from the small tourist city of Apia with a large selection of hotels, attractions and spas. In 20 minutes or less you can arrive at this lush, but exclusive airport by car or any sort of land travel. The Airport is sponsored by Polynesian airlines so travelers are able to find to direct flights to a selected bunch of US cities, including Honolulu.

Airlines that have operated from Fagali Airport also include:
-Samoa Air
-South Pacific Air
-Talofa Airways

From the airport there are several options of transportation offered to you immediately. You are allowed to choose a rental car to drive wherever you please, schedule a shuttle, or make reservation’s at one of the many luxury hotels or beach homes designed to fit any budget of your choosing. Staff are polite and very knowledgeable of the island and the area along with the many attraction’s such as the temples for worship. There is even a small office for the exchanging of money placed there, should the office be closed during the time of your arrival when you arrive one of the Fagali drivers will happily drive you to the nearest ATM that accepts debit cards from countries around the world so that you have what you need at all times. Flying with Fagali is the best way to experience true Samoan hospitality and culture, meet friendly villagers and try hundreds of delicious authentic food made by the hotel’s culinary chefs. Or even try making your own with purchases from the authentic flea market.

Happy flying!

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