Jason Hope Efforts in Anti-Aging Research and His Faith on the Future Generation

Jason Hope is a capitalist, visionary, donor and businessman based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has a strong passion in philanthropy and technology. Jason graduated with a bachelor’s in Finance and an MBA from Arizona State University and the college’s W.P Carey School of Business respectively. His career kicked off when he founded a mobile communications firm. Presently, he centers on donations, investing in upcoming ventures and biotechnology. Jason donated $500,000 to SENS foundation, to support research of rejuvenation bio-technologies and support SEN’s mission of slowing down the aging process and hence prevent age-related diseases.

Audrey De Grey is the chief science officer and leader of SEN foundation. He has a passion for reversing aging and has personally contributed $10 million to the organization. Audrey’s work motivated Jason Hope’s donation, and he endorsed SENS foundations strategy to fight diseases like Alzheimers and diabetes. Audrey stated that the donation would be used in the research for prevention of hardening of the artery which triggers high blood pressure.

Jason Hope envisions how technology will overtake the world and how in the years to come, everything will be interconnected (Internet of Things). It is a technological concept that looks at how devices connected to the internet communicate with each other and with human users. He predicted four things for the Internet of Things in 2016: IoT will become a widely known name, businesses will be more embracive in using information provided by IoT, the rise of electronics with sensors created on paper-thin devices and Healthcare and manufacturing industries will be the most adopter of IoT devices.

During an interview with IdeaMensch, Jason talks about how he supports ideas by giving young students grants. In his opinion, the future of technology critically depends on these ideas. He is an up-to-date person and brings to life his ideas by talking to people about them and receiving feedback. Jason Hope is his own greatest motivator and firmly believes in the anti-aging medicine being researched on by SENS. He likes to focus on one project at a time, so he cannot lose track of the main project, which is the overall goal. He believes in ‘working on ideas now’, that is becoming a doer and not a dreamer.

Jason Hope, through his website, offers a platform where entrepreneurs can submit their ideas. He picks an interesting idea, then offers a grant to bring life to it. He is interested mostly in ideas in healthcare and technology that can be able to improve the lives of people all over the world, thus empowering the society at large.

Contact Jason Hope: www.linkedin.com/in/jasonrhope