End Citizens United-Fighting for What Is Right

End Citizens United is one of the organizations that richly advocates for the rights of the minority. The PAC, thanks to its significant backing from the members of the public, has done tremendous things including fighting against the wealthiest Americans who tie a noose on politicians during and after the campaign season.

The United States has always been a normal country but after the 2010 Supreme Court decision, the country and its people have gotten governed by money-hungry politicians who would rather sell fellow countrymen to the dogs rather than help them.

It is agreeable that the changes in the American political culture have more than altered the landscape, resulting in a lot of turmoil. End Citizens, however, has not taken the politically elite forces that are as corrupt as they come lightly. The PAC, through its team of excellent advocates, takes the war to the courts with the aim of having the legal system do away with the 2010 constitutional reforms.

End Citizens United, since its inception, has fought for constitutional amendments that favor free speech. Secondly, the PAC through its team has played a significant role in ensuring that the power that presently gets accorded to corporations and billionaires transcends to the people who represent the majority.

The PAC, having faced some serious setbacks in the past, now knows how to play to the tune well. End Citizens United has created a forum that empowers grassroots leaders to find their way to the government. Additionally, the PAC is using its legal team to fight for reforms, not on a battleground, but rather in the halls of justice.

Today marks three years since the organization got formed. Regardless, the PAC has been able to make bold steps in the constitutional reforms of the country because of the men and women who have sacrificed everything to make the United Success successful.

Individuals like Tiffany Muller, Matt Burgess, Adam Bozzi, Anne Feldman, Andrew Laskar, Jordan Wood, Ron Barber, Jessica Berg, Christopher Massicotte, Lanae Hatalsky, Simone Ward, Addisu Demissie, and Bill Smith have surely made End Citizens United great. The 2018 congressional elections are fast approaching but the organization is not backing down anytime soon.

Its robust plan of raising thirty-five million dollars is slowly becoming a reality because End Citizens United is now bigger and better. From the look of things, America and the world by extension is now a better place all because of the PAC.

Contact End Citizens United: docquery.fec.gov/cgi-bin/fecimg/?C00573261