Rick Scott Faces Lingering FEC Complaint Filed By End Citizens United Months before Midterms

A complaint was recently filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) by End Citizens United, against Senate candidate Rick Scott. The former Florida Governor has raised more than $78 million for his campaign, and the political action committee (PAC) is alleging that the funds to operate the campaign are being funneled through a “super PAC.” In the complaint, the PAC states that Scott has knowingly taken actions to circumvent the federal limits that were put in place to prevent direct contributions to be transferred to a campaign for operating expenses. Scott has been receiving funds directly from the New Republican PAC.

The Scott campaign has steadfastly denied all allegations. However, according to Tiffany Mueller, President of End Citizens United, the actions are clearly in violation of the FEC laws. “This is not a smear campaign…This is a legitimate FEC complaint because [Rick Scott] broke the law.” End Citizens United’s complaint speaks directly to the super PAC having every right to continually raise as much money it chooses and to spend as much, or as little, of the money it chooses; however, the process must be within the established campaign laws. The PAC used the anti-coordination law to file the complaint.

Adam Bozzi, Communications Director for the PAC says that it is clear that Scott has been more motivated by his political aspirations rather than abiding by the FEC laws and campaign processes that have been put into place to safeguard the integrity of the political system. He stated that Scott deliberately bypassed the election laws to funnel soft money into his campaign. End Citizens United has provided documented proof of the allegations within the complaint. According to the communications director, the super PAC money is being used to pay Scott’s campaign expenses and covertly intended to elude the disclosure laws that exits for a reason. The documentation also pointed out that Scott was still a chairman for the super PAC as recently as January 2018, which was further supported by the information listed on New Republican PAC’s website.

The information provided in the complaint is backed by the Tampa Bay Times, which also reported in detail how Scott was raising money for the New Republican PAC in February. In an article published by the Washington Post, Scott also planned to host a dinner for the contributors of the super PAC.

It is the belief of End Citizens United that Scott has no desire to agree to any campaign finance reform, and therefore, the PAC plans to defeat him once the midterm election votes are counted.

About End Citizens United:  www.indeed.com/q-End-Citizens-United-jobs.html