Fortress Investment Group Divested of Florida East Coast Railway

Fortress Investment Group divested of Florida East Coast Railway and Logan Circle Partners on January 3, 2018, but they continue to operate Brightline a luxury passenger train service that commutes Orlando and Miami passengers between the two cities. Fortress Investment Group currently provides infrastructure for the development of passenger train services and also invest in companies that provide railway infrastructure.

In fact, Fortress Investment Group developed and created Brightline as the first of many luxury passenger train service infrastructure that they are planning to construct as a company. Brightline is the template that Fortress Investment Group will use to expand and construct railway luxury passenger train services throughout the United States. After the sale of Fortress Investment Group in December 2017 to SoftBank Group a technology global conglomerate that specializes in internet service, telecommunications, AI research, robotics and various other technologies that are propelling the world into the new frontier of the information revolution.

SoftBank Group purchased Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion and quickly became a powerful player in the alternative investment firm arena. Before the acquisition, SoftBank was not particularly invested in the alternative asset industry, but they quickly found an opportunity to establish them within the market and develop the blueprint with expertise through analysis of human capital to expand their reach into the sector. After the purchase of Fortress Investment Group, SoftBank retained the key executive and management staff of the Fortress organization to stabilize an easy transition and continuity of future opportunity expansion within the company.

Fortress Investment Group is run by Co-Chief Executive Officer, Peter Briger and Wes Edens who are also co-founders along with 3 other principal partners. Peter Briger currently serves as Chief Executive Officer primarily leading the Fortress Credit business. The Fortress Credit business comprises of alternative investments within various categories that are usually distressed assets, underperforming assets, or illiquid asset vehicles that provide opportunities for lucrative returns on investment for it’s more than 1750 clients.

Fortress Investment Group currently has over $30 billion in assets under management that provides the capital and resources needed to continue to expand the organization and provide their clients with exceptional results. Peter Briger has developed a reputation as a forward thinker and true innovator in investments within the alternative asset industry.

He has had continuous succession upward throughout his career beginning at Goldman Sachs, where he sat on various committees and provided opportunities for that company to expand their portfolio tremendously during his tenure. Peter Briger continues to provide excellent leadership, analysis, and evaluation capabilities that are propelling Fortress Investment Group into the future with creative investment insight that is second to none. Fortress Investment Group has extremely talented executive leadership and management partners that are providing the stewardship needed to continue producing extraordinary results for its clients. The divesting of the Florida East Coast Railway is a strategic decision by Fortress Investment Group that will benefit the organization within the long run and create opportunities to reallocate resources into other endeavors that would produce higher rates of return on investment.

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