Robert Diegnan Is A Forward Thinking CEO and Co-Founder

Robert Deignan’s company is ATS Digital Services. This is a company that remotely helps people worldwide with technological issues. ATS Digital Services can help customers with basic connectivity issues as well as general troubleshooting. The idea for ATS Digital Services came from a troubleshooting experience Deignan and his team had while at a prior company. They found that when they logged into the user’s computer remotely they were able to rectify the issue and build a trust with the customer.

Robert Diegnan Found A Market For The Service

Robert Diegnan and his colleagues also realized they could charge a fee for this type of service, and when it was time to move on from the company they were at, they decided to try creating a remote support company. Deignan spends a typical day at the office reviewing numbers and taking an assessment of the prior day and then finishes any leftover tasks. The rest of the day he goes with the flow from building strategies with his partners to handling emergencies. He arrives at 8:20 am and leaves around 8:00 pm.

How The Company Stays Ahead In The Industry

Robert Deignan brings his ideas to life by unplugging from technology and enjoying nature. This boosts his creativity. Any new ideas are taken into the office and analyzed. Once the idea looks promising enough to him, he presents it to his partners for their opinion. He has a great team, so an idea can be tweaked and brainstormed without meetings or extensive reviews. Mostly they like to go with their gut. In their industry, one thing that excites Deignan is remote technical support is becoming more popular. One habit that makes Deignan more productive as an entrepreneur is his consistency with reviewing the numbers. He is always looking for ways to improve the company and maximize profits. A good piece of advice Diegnan would give his younger self is to stay away from hiring family and friends. He says it can be risky and get touchy when tough decisions have to be made.