Talk Fusion Offers Free Trial Period to New Users

If you have contemplated the concept of running your own business in today’s digital age, then you know how important marketing can be. Online video marketing has taken on a new artform thanks to the work of CEO Bob Reina and the rest of his crew at Talk fusion. Talk Fusion was established back in 2007 as a catch-all response to intuitive video marketing in an increasingly digital age. Reina accurately projected how important video marketing would be in the future and thus capitalized while the iron was hot. Now Talk Fusion is making sure that their voice is heard by offering a free trial program to new customers and clients.



Talk Fusion is being used around the world, thus changing companies on the internet forever. Talk Fusion is being marketed in 140 different countries while being offered in nine different languages. Talk Fusion offers a library of information that includes how-to tutorials, step by step guides, and a wealth of marketing research that will benefit people looking to find out how to reach their customers in more and more effective ways. Most importantly, Talk Fusion has a host of programs available for instant help — Video Chat, Live Meetings, Newsletter, and the coveted Video Email. These programs and information catalogs will be available for use through the 30 day free trial period.


Free Trial Users will find access to all of these products and the associated information via Talk Fusion’s newly redesigned website. Talk Fusion’s UI has seen quite the upgrade with the goal of making user experiences better than ever. Free Trial Users will have no limitations through their first month of usage. If free trial users find their experience satisfactory it is a simple thing to upgrade to a long term membership and experience.


CEO Bob Reina has been integral in growing the company to the powerhouse that it currently stands as today. Reina has been hands on during the entire process, cultivating Talk Fusion into what he would personally look for out of a video marketing firm. Talk Fusion was recently awarded the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award, proving their recent ascent.

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