Technology Expert- William Saito

Nikkei named William Saito as one of the top 100 most influential from Japan. William began his entrepreneur while he was still young he was lucky to learn about software programming while in elementary school, and while still in High school he founded a business. IN 1998 William Saito was named as the Entrepreneur of the year, and he recognized by several organizations including USA Today, Ernst &Young as well as NASDAQ. During his recognition, William was referred to the leading expert in cybersecurity, biometric authentication, and encryption. The business he established while still in school was later purchased by Microsoft and he created Tecur in Tokyo in 2005.

Secure was established as a venture capital company with a primary purpose of helping investors to succeed, identify innovations in technology, and developing global talent. William is a leader who has been recognized for his positive leadership skills. In 2012 Mr. Saito was appointed the council in national strategy and policy that was responsible for reporting directly to Japan’s Prime Minister. His skills, as well as experience, gave him an opportunity to work with the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission as the Chief Technology Officer. In World Economic Forum Mr. Soita is the Foundation Board Member, and the organization also named him as the Global Agenda Council Member and the Young Global Leader.

William Saito begins his day by working hand in hand with people to identify their issues and look for innovative solutions which will be a benefit to the world. His life ideas come through design thinking which includes failing early, failing fast, failing often and failing forward. Mr. William is very productive, and there’s one aspect which makes him productive; failure is the fundamental requirement of innovation and is only possible with teamwork. William Saito is an ordinary person despite his achievements, he believes that everyone makes mistakes and one cannot be perfect in one day, but one needs to start somewhere. The technology expert has been expanding his businesses, and he knows that to grow in business one requires to produce a product which will make their clients come back. William Saito advice the young people not to rush in what they are doing and they should focus on doing what they love.



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