The Brazilian Real Estate Market And Felipe Montoro Jens

The real estate is a market that keeps on changing all the time. But there is one thing which is constant here about the investment. The investment keeps on getting better all the time, over the years. This can be due to the fact that the increase in the population of a country also means that the supply of property keeps reducing.


Felipe Montoro Jens is known for being an investor in the real estate market of Brazil. There is a lot that can be learned from his experience as well as his successes in this venture.


The real estate market has not been doing too well over the recent years. This meant not getting enough buyers for property in the market. This is why investors came up with ideas like value added property. This indicated property had characteristics that will make it sustainable. Hence things like waste recycling systems, or even water collection systems as well as energy conservation systems were added to property on sale.


Another option adopted by Felipe Montoro Jens was to sell to foreigners rather than to the locals. For a foreigner who belongs to places like Europe and the US, buying property in Brazil turns out to be much cheaper than buying it at home. In addition, Brazil is a part of the BRIC. It is among the fastest growing economies of the world today.


Felipe Montoro Jens has studied all these aspects of the market. Hence he decided to invest in real estate rather than holding back the way others did. He is expecting that the market will improve soon and his profits will improve too.


He is an authority on infrastructure and speaks highly of the basic sanitation services partnership that has recently been signed by the government of Brazil with a private player!

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