The Lung Institute Is Helping Patients Get Back Their Quality Of Life

The Lung Institute is one of the most prestigious lung disease treatment ( facilities in the country. They employ the most advanced techniques to help the patient regain a better quality lifestyle. They take pride in delivering excellent patient care in a world class facility. When patients seek treatment for lung disease at The Lung Institute, they know that they are getting the best care for their illness.

The Lung Institute uses stem cell therapy to treat their patients. Stem cell therapy is a very low-risk procedure with a high level of positive results. The patient’s own stem cells are harvested from either their blood or their bone. Once the stem cells are separated, they are intravenously reintroduced into the patient. Once the stem cells enter the bloodstream, they are then deposited into the lungs where they will begin to repair and replace damaged cells. According to Hawaii News Now, many patients that undergo stem cell therapy notice a big difference in their ability to do everyday tasks, whereas before they may have needed assistance. Improved lung function can make a huge difference in a patient’s life and can create more independence.

The Lung Institute has several locations to serve people all over the country including Tampa, Nashville, Scottsdale, Pittsburg, and Dallas. People that choose to receive stem cell therapy have had excellent experiences at The Lung Institute. This type of treatment has been able to help patients when no other treatment was effective. People who are interested in more information about stem cell therapy should contact The Lung Institute and schedule a consultation at one of their many locations.

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