What is ClassDojo? and its Benefits to the Community

ClassDojo is an application that brings a balance between classrooms and homes. It is a way of joining all the parties together for around and developing community. The main focus of ClassDojo is to ensure that teachers, parents, and students work together in building a classroom. Although it is not easy to make a classroom that is perfect for everyone, with the help of this app, students, teachers, and parents have the power to create an incredible classroom that is best for them.


Since its introduction in the learning institutions, ClassDojo has been beneficial in its own kind. Teachers have had the pleasure of understanding more about different families while parents and students have felt the creation of a strong bond between them. The system has allowed parents to feel as if they are part of their children’s development, unlike the way it used to be.


The stories and videos that they share have given both students, teachers, and parents a unique insight into everything. The systems translation to over 35 languages and has also made it easy to learn and understand various cultures besides the normal classroom traditions. Through the application, transforming the education system has been interesting and easy. It has empowered the kids of all generations and they have learned and understood the value of life.


The ability to share pictures messages and videos give the kids the benefit of becoming technologically equipped as it also generates the idea of life in the classroom. ClassDojo is all about working together as a team and achieve cooperate results with the benefits of all participants. It allows the teachers to know where to improve during the teaching sessions and the parents understand their kids better while the kids gain the idea of life to experiences through various communities.

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