Whitney Wolfe Herd Finds Way to Cut Down Dating App Spam

A change is coming in the dating app world, and Whitney Wolfe Herd is the one that is initiating it. Over 100 million matches have been made so far, and even more people are getting plugged into the new dating app that has become one of the most popular dating apps. This app is called Bumble. It has become the type of app that has grown after users begin to discover that it was the app that made it possible for more singles to find better matches.

It is evident that Bumble may be one of the better apps for people that are looking for a higher level of a compatibility. So many people have take to the dating app world because they really want to match with someone that has similarities.

In order to sign up for Bumble people must have a Facebook account. This data from the Facebook account is transferred over to the dating app. That is the thing that has made this such a popular app. People that put information on Facebook are also going to get this same information on the dating app so they are not simply making up things.

The dating app environment works so much better when people are telling the truth. This cuts down on a lot of spam, and this cuts down on the amount of time that singles often waste with someone that may not be telling the truth. There is no foolproof plan to getting people to be completely honest with the dating app, but it definitely is good to have this type of app that narrows the amount of spam that gets through the dating app environment.

If people had to compare the dating apps like Tinder to Bumble most people would instantly see that there is almost a zero chance of getting any spam accounts through Bumble, but there are easily thousands of spam accounts that are created to annoy and trick those people that are utilizing Tinder.

This may be the reason why there is so much talk about how Bumble has improved the dating app environment. More people are looking at all the possibilities that exist when it comes to this dating app. They want to know more about what Whitney Wolfe Herd is doing, and they want to put their best foot forward when it comes to finding the right mate with a dating app.

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