William Saito’s contribution to society

William Saito is a successful and renowned businessman; he started his journey at the tender age of 10. He partnered with his friend in a different business while still in high school but later sold the company in 2004 and moved to Japan. He aimed at improving the lives of people in his parent’s birthplace.

William Saito has helped establish successful business in both Japan and America. William also believes that women are the key to more businesses opening, he believes that with the correct support in finances and equipment women will take the business to a new level.

Owing to this belief, William has dedicated the past seven years in investing in new companies in Japan, and most of these companies are run by women, and William believes that with full support from the society and other stakeholders women in Japan will help to change the country for the better.

One thing that makes William Saito stand out is the fact that he is an investor as well as a founder, giving him a good opportunity to understand how a business runs when it is established and the requirements before investing in a company. William offers his advice to upcoming business people, some of the tips he offers include;

Identifying a niche.

It is critical to identify a gap; this includes a problem affecting a society, after determining the problem the next step is to come up with a solution that will help to deal with the challenge identified. William Saito advices beginners to study thoroughly before settling to ensure that their solution is attractive to the intended clients. People need to see value for their money and thus take time to research and understand the requirements.

Finding startup capital

Any business be it small or large requires start-up capital, this might at times be challenging, if one does not have a good plan, William Saito has observed that new entrepreneurs find a challenge when it comes to managing their money and therefore discourages borrowing as it might lead to massive debts. William hence encourages one to find natural ways to come up with capital before settling on a loan.


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